A smart way to boost your business is by sending voucher codes to customers. You can use these vouchers to re-engage customers who haven't booked your services for a while, or to thank your VIP customers.

Good To Know:

  • Available for Premium Plans

  • Offer discounts from 1 - 99% on your services

  • Voucher codes can be used one time only

  • You can apply an expiry date to vouchers, and/or apply a time window when the service must be booked.

How to create a voucher code

  1. Click "Offers" in the main menu

  2. Click the "+" sign to create a new offer

  3. Give your offer a name, and choose "voucher discount" as the offer type

  4. Enter a "Prefix" code.

Choose the services you want the voucher to apply to, and the discount you want to offer.

After saving your voucher offer, go to the tab "Voucher codes" and click on the "+" symbol.

Select the amount of voucher codes you want to create and save them. You need to create one voucher per customer.

Now your unique voucher codes will be created and are ready to use.

Simply click on a code to assign it to a customer.

When you are ready to share the voucher code with your customer, copy-paste the Booking Widget link and share it with your customer: the discount will be shown in the last step of the booking process, with the voucher code pre-filled.

Remember to share the code's expiry date with your customer - if you added one!

When the voucher is redeemed, the voucher code status will be updated to "booked".