TIMIFY's shift plan allows you to create working and booking times for specific periods only. This allows you to define different work shifts, e.g. if your working times differ weekly or monthly. You can also make only certain time windows bookable, e.g. for a convention or an event.

Click on "Shift Plan" in the upper right corner of the calendar. Here you have a monthly overview and the possibility to click on the day that you want to edit.

In the shift plan you can also enter vacations, sick days and day blockers for yourself and your employees so that those times are blocked. Find out more here: 

Using the pencil icon, you can define flexible working times in the shift plan for the selected employee.

Here you can now select the period for which other working & booking times should apply and enter these accordingly. Optionally, you can add intervals. After activating the slider you can, if you like, also define whether the online booking times should differ from the working times.

Don't forget to save your defined flexible working hours.

As soon as you have created working and booking times in the area "Management" -> "Resources", these are automatically applied for each following week. Make sure that you have not set any times in the employee profile in the Resources area. So if you only want to open certain time windows via the shift plan, for example for a certain event, you have to define these times ONLY via the shift plan and not in the employee profile.