With TIMIFY's shift plan you can define for each day and employee if and when it should be available. The monthly view of the shift plan helps you to keep an eye on the availability of your employees and to enter blockers for holiday and illness or to set the working and booking times individually.

You'll find the shift plan at the top right of your calendar.

For a new entry in the shift plan, first select all resources you want to include in the overview. You can add an unlimited number of resources to the shift plan and display them all using the arrow below the profile pictures.

To add a new blocker to the shift plan, simply click on the "Edit icon" of the desired employee. Now the different options appear. Select whether the employee is on holiday on this day (︎✈️icon) or has a sick day (🌡 icon). You can also specify a general day blocker (🖐🏻 icon) that does not define what type of blocker it is, but the online booking is still disabled.

Using the pencil icon, you can adjust the working and booking times of an employee or resource for a certain period and optionally add intervals.

The TIMIFY Shift Plan makes it very easy for you to manage the availability of your entire team!