Unique Personalservice (RGF Staffing)

Learn how TIMIFY brought digital reinvention to recruitment specialists Unique Personalservice, allowing job seekers to book consultant interviews 24/7

Unique Personalservice (RGF Staffing)
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Unique Personalservice (RGF Staffing)



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Use case

Omnichannel booking

"Initially you think online booking will be simple, but once you start it becomes clear there are many complexities in getting something that fits your business needs the way you want. With many new challenges we face, we often find TIMIFY already has an answer for every detail – or if they don’t, they have the capability to develop something new - meaning we don’t need to find another third-party system to get the job done."
Philipp Geyer - CEO, Recruit Global Staffing Germany

The requirement

Unique Personalservice wanted to bring job applications into the digital age, using online booking to allow candidates to see a job on any digital touchpoint and immediately click to apply and arrange a consultation. This required not only an online booking system, but integration with a number of important existing I.T. and H.R. infrastructures.

  • Seamless integration with existing HR system (PERSY) and other calendar tools across the business
  • Allow marketing team to easily integrate booking buttons to various touchpoints, such as web pages or job posts, without needing support
  • Scalability essential for a rapidly growing company
  • Comprehensive digital admin system to allow management controls across a wide network and number of locations

The challenges

A complex structure of related but individual sister brands, each with their own existing infrastructures and workforce, required a system able to quickly digitalise current operations while keeping pace with a constantly developing future.

  • Make viewing and managing the calendars of over 500 recruitment consultants simple and efficient
  • Software able to manage the onboarding of 1500 job seekers and 500 job posts across 90 locations every month – plus the scalability for these numbers to grow rapidly
  • Capability to develop support and functionality for a constant stream of new online and offline operations, across a variety of brands and business departments

The solution

A number of key features developed for Unique Personalservice now form the core of our TIMIFY Enterprise offering, including the centralised management controls for a large network of staff and branches. A commitment to pushing forward the possibilities of a digital scheduling system helped keep pace with the company’s growth and their image as a modern, customer-focussed business.

  • Branch Manager provides a simple interface for monitoring and managing variable settings for employees, services and resources across all current and future branches
  • Simple creation and integration of booking widgets for any current or future brand within the RGF Staffing family, each incorporating their individual look and feel
  • TIMIFY Welcome Screen app to give a personalised welcome to applicants on arrival
  • Integration with Outlook and H.R. system PERSY

The key points for success

Unique Personalservice needed a long-term partnership that could respond quickly and support mutli-faceted growth that was expected in the following years. The speed and quality of solutions developed across different business operations has been a constant positive.Unique Personalservice also quickly realised that customers who book in advance tend to offer more value, while also having a lower churn rate. TIMIFY offered a system to cultivate this opportunity, with an online booking service tailored to the recruitment process. It ensured a fast, convenient and empowering system for applicants, while gathering the essential data needed for consultants to provide a premium experience every time.