The easiest way to switch to the Notify app is by installing it from the app marketplace. We prepared a special onboarding for SMS Notifications users, that allows you to import your current booking reminders from the SMS app to the Notify app. In the last step of the onboarding, if you agree to import your reminders, the SMS Notifications app will be automatically disabled. And there's nothing more for you to do: SMS reminders will continue to go out as usual for your customers.

Install the Notify app from the App Marketplace
  • As part of the onboarding, we guide you through setup for the new app. In addition to booking reminders, you can automate SMS messages for booking confirmations, changes, and cancellations.

  • Make the switch when you have minimum bookings planned for the immediate two to three days ahead. The more calendar bookings you have scheduled in your calendar, the longer to transfer process will take. This will also ensure all your scheduled booking reminder SMS messages are sent.

  • If you don't move to the Notify app, your booking reminders will stop going out to customers on 31 July 2023: this is the date we will disable the SMS Notifications app.

Tips: app subscription

  • After you install the app, you'll be asked to create an app subscription and to provide a payment method. Direct debit, credit card, and PayPal as well as many other methods are available.

  • The app is pay-per-use. You'll be charged monthly for your data usage, and your subscription can be cancelled at any time. Invoices will be available from the main navigation; Account -> Invoices.

  • If your account is registered in Europe, you will be invoiced in Euros; if your account is registered outside of Europe, you will be invoiced in US Dollars.

  • SMS costs depends on the country and carrier. These costs display within the app when you select a country from the "permitted countries" setting.

Tips: app onboarding

  • When you create your Sender SMS Account, please note it's not permissible to enter umlauts in the Sender ID form.

  • Make sure you enable the Booking Reminders toggle in step 2 of the onboarding.

  • In the last step of the onboarding, make sure you agree to import the booking reminders. Agreeing to this step will also disable the SMS app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you replacing the SMS Notifications app with the Notify app?

We built the Notify app in response to user demand: it offers more features, more flexibility, and full pricing transparency. Plus, the Message Log displays the status of all SMSes sent, so you can track you spending and check to see if any messages didn't get sent successfully - and why.

What is the last possible date l can move to the Notify app?

The SMS Notifications app will be disabled for all TIMIFY users on 31st July 2023; if you don't do anything by this date your booking reminder SMSes will stop going out, and the app will no longer be available to you.

What if l start the app onboarding for Notify, and don’t complete it?

You can exit the app onboarding and return to complete the onboarding whenever you are ready. Booking Reminders will not be sent from the Notify app until you complete the onboarding; they will continue being sent from the SMS Notifications app.

During the onboarding, what happens if l don’t enable the Booking Reminders toggle?

You will not be given the option to import your booking reminders to the Notify app. That means, you will need to disable the SMS Notifications app yourself.

Do l get ten free SMSes when l switch from the SMS app to the Notify app?

Yes, all users will be given credit amounting to ten SMSes when they create a subscription to the Notify App.

My company uses the Branch Manager. Can l install the app in my Branch Manager account?

Yes, the app is available in the Branch Manager. You can install the app there, and a subscription can be created in each local Branch Account.

How is the Notify app billed?

Please note that you will be billed separately for SMS usage. In order to ensure that the app works without interruption, the invoice must be paid within a maximum of 30 days.