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Mapping using the shift plan

Mapping using the group booking

There are 2 different variants here, both are possible with the Premium and Enterprise version.

Mapping using the shift plan

If I only want to offer my availability online for a specific time, such as for a one-off event, then I can map this with the help of the shift plan. The availability of the resource must be changed for a specific day for the desired time. To do this, I go to the shift plan at the top right of the weekly view:

Then I select my desired resource and the desired day and click on edit:

Here I can then set the working time / booking time of my resource for the desired day or also for several days:

After I have saved the change, I see the change directly in my shift plan, as well as directly at the resource, in the daily and weekly view. (To ensure that only the days you set in the shift plan can be booked online, you should make sure that you have not entered any booking times directly for the resource in the Administration -> Resource area).

Mapping using the group booking

The group booking is like an event and is added manually to the desired resource.

First, it is important that a group performance is created:

Afterwards, the created group service can be added manually to the calendar, at the desired resource and at the desired time:

The event is then entered in the calendar on the desired day and at the desired time. The event is internal

as well as visible to the customer and bookable online:

Here you will find more detailed information on how to create a group performance.