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  1. What gets synced, what doesn't

  2. Sync hints

  3. FAQs

1. What gets synced, what doesn't

TIMIFY -> Exchange: what gets synced

✅ All Exchange events from the last ten days, and all future events. Your TIMIFY Calendar will continue to be populated with all future events added to Exchange unless you deactivate the sync.

✅ You can import the resource name(s), the service name, the customer name, and custom data fields for each event.

TIMIFY -> Exchange: what gets synced but is not 1:1 with TIMIFY

TIMIFY Split Bookings. Exchange imports Split Bookings as a single event. That means a Split Booking with e.g. a 1h interval, 1h gap, and 30 min interval (total duration: 2h 30 min) will sync to Exchange as a single event, with a duration of 2h and 30 min.

TIMIFY Prep and Follow Up Time. Exchange combines the service time with the prep and follow up time. So for a booking with a 10 min prep time, a 1h service time, and 5 min follow up time (total: 1h 15 min), this gets synced to Exchange as a single event, with a duration of 1h 15 min.

TIMIFY Connected Booking Series. Exchange doesn't allow you to delete individual bookings: if you delete one booking in Exchange, all bookings in the series will get deleted.

TIMIFY Internal Notes. Sometimes when a booking's internal notes get updated in TIMIFY, the changes aren't updated in Exchange. For this reason, we suggest you use data fields instead. Data fields will sync both ways without issue.

TIMIFY Booking Updates - Bookings only get updated in Exchange only when you edit the Group Booking Title, the duration, or the start/end time.

Repeat Bookings. If you change the time duration of a single repeat event in Exchange, the booking duration in TIMIFY gets updated, as well as the duration of all future bookings in the series.

Exchange -> TIMIFY: what gets synced, but we recommend you don't edit

Group Services get synced from TIMIFY, but we recommend you don't edit Group Services in your Exchange Calendar. If you do, it will be updated to a single service in TIMIFY.

Repeat Events get synced from Exchange, but we recommend that you don't edit them in your TIMIFY calendar, as it breaks the repeat connection in your Exchange calendar.

TIMIFY -> Exchange: what doesn’t get exported

X TIMIFY Tags. Tags do not get imported to Exchange.

2. Sync hints

TIMIFY Booking Updates. Sometimes, when a booking gets updated in TIMIFY, the changes do not get pushed to Exchange unless you edit the booking duration or booking time as well. You can always edit the duration or booking time back to its original time.

TIMIFY bookings can get deleted from Exchange by one of the following events:

  1. You uninstall and re-install again the Exchange App

  2. You disable the sync from the resource drop-down in the TIMIFY overview tab

  3. You de-activate the sync - both ways - from your settings tab.

3. FAQs

  • Can l sync multiple days from Exchange to TIMIFY, e.g. to block out holidays in both calendars?

Yes. You need to ensure two things: 1. The resource does not have any bookings in TIMIFY for the days you want to block out, and 2. You have selected the option "Allow resources to get booed outside their working times" under Settings/Booking/Internal Resource Availability. This is because an "all day" booking is considered a booking in this situation.