• To get started, here is a handy list of terms that will help you navigate your way around the statistics dashboards.

  • We broke down our insights by dashboards, across two articles; Business Lifetime and Booking & Sign-up insights are available here; and Cancellation, Revenue, Resource, and Customer are available here.

  • If you want to know more about exporting data, check out this article.

Article structure:

1. Statistical Dashboards and Views

2. Why Some Displays are Empty

3. Statistical Data: What Has Changed?

4. Branch Manager Display

1. Statistical Dashboards and Views

Data is accessible in three ways: Business Lifetime; Previous Month; and Current Month To Date.

  • In the web app view, the Business Lifetime tab is the default display. Data from the day you opened your account, to the current day, is displayed here.

The Business Lifetime Statistics Dashboard in the web app. Data from the day you opened your account, to the current day, is displayed here.

  • The other tabs show data in more detail, and by month.

Over time, as more data accrue, you can access more past data for the Bookings & Sig--ups, Cancellations, Revenue, Resources, and Customers.

2. Why Some Displays are Empty

Some statistics boxes will be empty and/or may have the message “insufficient data”. This is because our software is used by a diverse range of organisations, and it is likely that some of the display boxes are simply not relevant to your business, so you will not have data to review. It is not the case that something has gone wrong with your account.

Until the first calendar month is completed, some displays will not show much data.

3. Statistics Data: What Changed since November 2020?

  • For users accustomed to our previous statistics display (pre-November 2020), we continue to partially display this data in the Lifetime Statistics dashboard. Bear in mind, that up until November 2020, we did not differentiate between service bookings, group bookings, group sign-ups, or ad-hoc bookings. Now, we do and that is why we need to display the data differently.

In the new Statistics Dashboard, every type of calendar booking and customer or participant sign-up is tracked.

  • The data is much more specific. For example, the new Revenue display tracks fees due for bookings that either took place and/or were paid for online via the Booking Widget - in advance of the booking.

Revenues and where they came from.

  • Peak sign-up time and day statistics: see the days and times when your customers self-schedule bookings the most. This data can help improve your marketing efforts, so you know at what time to boost online ads, for example.

Peak times for sign-ups made via the booking widget

  • Statistics are updated daily. They are no longer "live-streamed". This is because we are processing huge amounts of data. Data gets updated locally depending on your time zone: the exact time gets top of your dashboards.

Data gets updated every 24hrs

4. Branch Manager Display

For clients who use the Branch Manager, the Business Lifetime dashboard displays in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) format. UTC is an international 24-hour timekeeping system: we use this in the home dashboard to cater to our many clients with branches across multiple regions. You can, however, select a time zone for any local branch statistics display.