Good to know:

  • Wherever you see a tooltip (i) icon in the statistics display, hover over it for an explanation of what's being presented.

  • We cover part one of this subject, Business Lifetime and Booking & Sign-up statistics here.

  • A statistics glossary is available here.

How this article is structured:

  1. Cancellations

  2. Revenue

  3. Resources

  4. Customers

1. Cancellations

As with sign-ups, the data shows whether customers cancelled bookings themselves, or whether cancellations were made by staff.

Cancelled sign-ups monthly total, with data show for cancellations by customer and by resource.

Up to five of your most cancelled services display here.

It is good to know which of your services get cancelled the most. Hover over the diagram to see the total number of cancelled bookings, and the percentage they make up of total cancellations.

For many users, knowing which calendar bookings get cancelled the most is useful. As these are calendar bookings, they show bookings planned in advance that were cancelled.

Hover to see calendar booking cancellation totals by day.

2. Revenue

Here you can see the total fees for the services and group services you offer. What's more, you can see where the fee came from. Either the customer paid via the booking widget using Stripe, in advance of the booking - if you have this activated on your account; or directly to you, by an alternative means of payment.

In this instance, the customers didn't take any payment online via the widget.

3. Resources

The totals show all your resources: online bookable and dependents. That means every single resource in your calendar, no matter if they have been active in the last month or not.

If you want to review the data for a particular resource, you can select them using the statistic box filter, as shown below.

To see how much availability your resources have, either as a complete team or individually, we built the working hours capacity and booking hours capacity displays.

Working hours capacity show the number of hours a resource(s) was booked in your calendar - for any sort of booking, contrasted against their total working hours availability.

Booking hours capacity shows the number of hours a resource(s) was booked for a service or group booking during their online booking hours, contrasted against their total online booking hours availability.

Resource working and bookings capacity statistics. These displays can be filtered for all resources, online bookable and dependent,

Having this data can help with resource management and planning.

4. Customers

You can see a break down of where your customers came from for the current month, and whether they were entered to your calendar manually (this includes via the TIMIFY Import App); or via the booking widget. Participants for group bookings are counted in your customer total.