The TIMIFY Branch Manager gives you an overview and one-click access to each of your locations. From the sidebar navigation "Branches", you'll find all TIMIFY accounts assigned to your company. For each branch the following information is listed: Branch Name, Branch Address, Branch contact details, Account Owner Name, TIMIFY plan. and Registration Date. Also included are the total number of employee, and total number of bookings:

Use the filter function to search for a specific branch, or group of branches. Search for a specific branch name, location or a specific tag that you have assigned to the location:

You can also add new accounts quickly and easily at any time by yourself using the red "+" symbol if you open up a new store location or delete existing accounts (via the "trash can" symbol in the account details), if a location is closed or you don't want to make it online bookable any more.

Account Management

A specific store needs help with the daily management of its appointment management or wants to make changes to its local calendar settings? You would like to view detailed live data of the respective store directly in the local calendar?

Then log in directly to the local TIMIFY account of your store via the TIMIFY Branch Manager! Click on the "key" symbol and you will be taken directly to the local online calendar (without further registration or log in):

Account Details

As soon as you want to have a closer look at a particular store, just click on it within the overview list in order to get to the detailed store view. Here you can see and/or edit the following contents for the respective location more closely:


In the detail view of the respective store you can view all core information about your store (account ID, external ID, owner email, account address and assigned store address) and your account owner, which you defined when creating the account originally. If you want to change certain details, you can edit them at any time by clicking on the red "pen" symbol:

For all further details you need to log into the respective account directly and make the changes within this account. An update and synchronisation with the TIMIFY Branch Manager is carried out in real time.


At a glance you can see which resources are already created in the respective account, whether the respective resource can be booked online and how many bookings have been booked already for each of them.

Without having to log into the local calendar directly, you can make changes for the respective resources via the TIMIFY Branch Manager. Change working and booking times and other resource details (e-mail, profile picture, etc.) in real time. Or delete the entire resource if, for example, it is no longer active at the respective location or has entirely left the company. If an employee has forgotten his or her individual password for logging into the local calendar, you can also trigger a reset e-mail via the branch manager:

Services & Groups

You can see at one glance which services are already created in the respective account and whether the respective services are online bookable.

Without having to log directly into the local calendar, you can make changes for the respective services via the TIMIFY Branch Manager. Change service name, description, duration or colour in real time. Activate online payment, set the services to on/offline or assign new resources to this service. If the service is no longer relevant, it can be deleted at any time:


For each store, you have real-time access to all relevant statistics. Either on a "lifetime" basis (= all statistics since day one the account was created) or monthly
(= calculation is done overnight, always based on the previous weekday), you always have an overview of e.g. the most on-/offline booked appointments, appointment changes and cancellations, top 10 services and resources, etc.