Whether it's bike service, jersey flocking or ski boot advice, with the help of TIMIFY's online appointment booking software, an appointment can be made online at your local store for the services you offer with just a few clicks.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the settings and application examples in your TIMIFY account.

We support you in the first steps!

Thanks to the automated data exchange with the INTERSPORT database, TIMIFY is already set up for your store in a first basic setup! In addition to your offered brands and sports, we have already created the relevant services for online appointment booking and an exemplary employee resource, e.g. Sport Klose.

How do I access my TIMIFY account and the INTERSPORT Content Management App?

1. Go to www.portal.intersport.de and log in with your log in data for the Intersport portal:

2. In the area "Digital" and by clicking on "Webmedia 2.0" you will get !!!WITHOUT!!! further login and/or registration to your TIMIFY Account.

3. In your TIMIFY account you can then open the INTERSPORT CMS App in the "Apps" tab and make the relevant settings for your retailer website as well as for the online appointment booking:

How can my customers make an appointment with me/my store?

Full concentration on your work and your customers. The simple online appointment booking from TIMIFY supports you in maintaining exactly this focus! You reduce annoying and lengthy appointment arrangements via telephone and/or e-mail, because your customers simply book an appointment of their choice themselves with just a few clicks via your individual dealer page or in the relevant subpages for services, sports and/events on intersport.de.

Make as many of your employees bookable online!

Add as many colleagues as you like to your account and make them available for online booking of certain services at your store! Simply manage your employees incl. working and online booking times under the tab "Administration" -> Resources"!

How can I store my team's times and schedules in TIMIFY?

Coordinate with the help of TIMIFY not only the so-called online booking times and working hours, but also plan with the TIMIFY duty roster all deployment times of your team as well as all absences, vacation, sickness and absence days on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.All times stored here are automatically reflected in your calendar and with one glance you always have all available employees at a glance! And even better: all times and availabilities stored here are directly synchronized with the specified times in your booking widget - so that it is always guaranteed that one of your employees is available for booked service at the agreed time!

Define services that you want to make bookable online

Through the automatic data exchange, we guarantee that all services that you offer in your store are also stored in TIMIFY. To finally activate these for an online appointment booking, proceed as follows:

1. In the INTERSPORT CMS APP go to the "Services" tab

2. Define the services that you offer in your store with a check mark if this has not already been done automatically and/or you have added a new service to your portfolio. Set the slider at "Activate for online booking" to green.

All services for which online bookability has been activated are now visible in the booking widget on your website and/or intersport.de and clickable for your end customers, so that appointments can be booked online with immediate effect.

If certain employees should perform certain services due to e.g. their expertise and/or many years of company affiliation and accordingly be bookable for them online, you can explicitly assign them via TIMIFY. Under the tab "Administration" -> "Services" you can assign each employee to specific services:

How will my employees and my customers be notified of an appointment booking?

As soon as an appointment has been booked online, your store and/or your employee receive an automated appointment confirmation e-mail sent by the system with all relevant appointment details. The second e-mail, which is also sent automatically to your customer and contains all the facts relevant to the customer about the booked appointment, is all the more important (see the following example):

How can my staff communicate with the customer when an appointment needs to be cancelled / changed?

If the customer cancels or postpones the appointment for any reason, he can also do so directly through this email.

If an appointment has to be canceled ad hoc and very spontaneously that an e-mail dispatch via the system is no longer possible, we ask you to contact the respective customer directly in time via the contact details provided!

24 hours in advance of the booked appointment, the customer also receives another so-called reminder e-mail, which reminds the customer once again of the appointment and thus significantly reduces the "forgetting" and "non-appearance" of an appointment.

I already use a calendar system today. Can this be synchronized with TIMIFY?

If you are already working with a Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 and/or Microsoft Exchange Calendar in your store, you can easily connect it to TIMIFY and synchronize all appointments via a so-called 2-way synchronization. Simply continue working on your existing calendars and make yourself additionally bookable online!

Go to TIMIFY App Marketplace and choose the calendar system you are already working with today and install this app in your account.

You can also find more details about installing your Sync App here: