Things you need to know:

1. We have three default types of permissions:

  • Admin permissions

  • Custom permissions

  • Resource Permission Types

2. As an Account Owner, you have by default full access and Admin permissions.

3. With Admin permissions, you can READ, WRITE, and DELETE the same or lower permissions level resources.

4. You can edit other resource permissions only if you have the same or higher permissions than the one you are editing.

5. You can create up to 15 unique permission types.

6. You cannot edit your own permissions.

7. You can select permission type on resources which are invited to the account.

8. When you choose Custom permissions from the resource profile, you will define the permissions only for his profile. This option is individual and does not count as a permission type that can be applied afterwards to any resource.
For more information how to create Permission Type, please check here.

9. If you wish to set Global permission types from your Branch Manager, check here.

Article Structure:

  1. Permissions Management

  2. Assign Permission Type to a Resource

  3. Permission Rights
    3.1 Account
    3.2 Calendar and Bookings
    3.3 Shift Plan
    3.4 Statistics
    3.5 History
    3.6 Customers
    3.7 Resources
    3.8 Services and Groups

1. Permissions Management

To manage the permission types, you need to access the Permissions options from the Management menu:

Adding a new permission type can be done by clicking on the red add button. You can select a colour and icon for each.

At the end you will find the Permission Rights section where you can manage what features from the calendar and account to be active/inactive for the resources when assigned with this permission type.

2. Assign Permission Type to a Resource

Permission types can be assigned from the resource profile, via the Resource Permissions drop-down. In addition to the permission types you create, you always have the option to assign Custom permissions. This grants the resource custom defined permission for the account access.

With Admin permissions, you will have all permissions activated, you will also note that Permissions and Services and Groups permissions are inactive and cannot be edited, this is because they are key for the platform functionality and need to remain always active indifferently of the permission types.

3. Permission Rights

3.1. Account

It grants the resource access to READ the information in the Details section from Account tab on the main menu. Billing and Invoices sections are protected, and only the Account Owner can have access to them.

3.2. Calendar and Bookings

Allows the resource to READ, WRITE the calendar and DELETE the bookings of other resources.
READ - Gives the possibility to see other resources calendar and bookings. If you select the option "Profile Calendar and Other(s)" you can choose from resource category or from the "Resource List" you can define individual resources.

  • In the following screenshot, you can see that I gave this resource permissions to READ and WRITE the bookings and calendar only of the resource Emma Williams. He will not be able to see any other resources calendar and bookings.

3.3. Shift Plan

You can allow the resource to READ, WRITE or DELETE anything in the Shift Plan.

3.4 Statistics

It allows the resource to READ the information in the Statistics tab from the main menu

3.5 History

Give the resources option to READ the Email Log and the Activity log from the History tab in the main menu.

3.6 Customers

Allows the resource to READ, WRITE or DELETE the users from the Customer List under the Customers tab in the main menu.

3.7 Resources

It gives access to see the Resources section under the Management tab.
From the drop-downs, define if access should be given to all resources, or the "Profile's own and other(s)" resources.

From there, you can choose a category of resources he will see or only a specific resource/s from the "Resource List".

ℹ️ Note that when you select one specific resource category, you will be able to see the resources in it, but if some of them has different permissions than you will not be able to edit them. So you can only edit permissions that are exactly the same as yours.

Here is an example for his case with the two resources from the image below.

I have assigned READ, WRITE and DELETE permissions to the resource Diego Simeone. But I specified the READ option to be only for the Resource category "Staff".

The other resource in the same resource category as me has different (higher in this case) permissions than me, so I am unable to edit his permissions. See image below:

From the other resource side, he will be able to edit my permissions because he has more right to see all resources.

ℹ️. We do recommend you to define the permissions level using the Resource Permission Types option under Permissions menu. That way you can set up once the permissions and when you are inviting resources to your account, you can simply select that permission type you want.

3.8 Services and Groups

Allow the resource to READ, WRITE or DELETE the Services and Group bookings.

This feature is helpful if you want to assign standardized permissions for resource groups across different locations, or who use your calendar for different purposes - for example, a "Team London", a "Management Team" or an "External Consultants" group.