Discover how TIMIFY empowered nexeye to maximize their potential by increasing available booking slots for customers by 300% and delivering a seamless customer experience across over 725 stores in five countries

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Large Enterprise


Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium

Use case

Appointment booking & resource management

Digital innovation and delivering a superior in-store experience are guiding principles for nexeye, a leading optical retailer in Europe including the brands eyes + more, Hans Anders, and Direkt Optik. TIMIFY was implemented as a foundation of their omnichannel strategy, providing a highly flexible appointment scheduling system tailored to the demands of over 725 stores across five countries.

The Company

Nexeye is market leader in Europe for value-for-money eyecare, incorporating three major brands – eyes + more, Hans Anders and Direkt Optik – across Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Their mission is to make great eyecare affordable for all by driving efficiency and economies of scale through innovation in digitisation, service design and product development.

Waiting and not knowing for how long is one of the biggest dissatisfiers for our customers. We were convinced we could improve this. That is why we are fully committed to working with appointments, giving our customers the best and complete attention they deserve.

By implementing TIMIFY we are now able to offer our customers a broad range of appointment types at a moment of their choosing. With TIMIFY we made booking an appointment as easy as possible for our customers, to ensure a frictionless shopping experience.”
Marnick Boerland - Group Head of Omnichannel Infra & Logistics, Nexeye
725 +
Stores online bookable
300% +
Booking slots availability

The Requirements

Nexeye’s business model is centred around high quality, in-person consultations. By making an appointment customers are able to minimize in-store waiting time. The Covid pandemic created a peak in customers making appointments, which lead to reaching the limits of the existing appointment tool. A more comprehensive digital solution was needed, one that could be flexible and scalable across the range of brands and branches, and offer a seamless interface with digital innovations being created by nexeye across the company.

  • A high-quality digital appointment-booking system to be implemented across all brands and their 725+ stores across five different countries
  • Possibility to create interfaces with existing applications.
  • Technical capability and support to develop ongoing custom features
  • Customer care centres integration
  • Widget translation in native languages

The Challenges

The different brands, based in different countries and offering different appointment types, create a unique set of challenges for a new digital system encompassing workforce, infrastructure and technology across the business.

  • Varying integrations and set-ups across existing IT infrastructure in each country
  • Complex system of matching all specialists and equipment to specific appointment types
  • Facilitate efficient collaboration between all levels of personnel across the different organizations 
  • Blend the new online booking service with existing large-scale customer care centres (call centre) operations, reducing strain on the centres while allowing both channels to schedule appointments simultaneously and without error

The Solution

TIMIFY delivered a combination of existing functionality and features designed for large enterprises, with a suite of customised additions, quickly developed to ensure a fast and effective integration.

  • Customised version of the TIMIFY Call Centre Add-on, allowing customer care centres agents to simultaneously schedule, amend, or cancel appointments on a large scale
  • Integration with the TIMIFY RESTful API, allowing complete synchronisation between TIMIFY, third-party tools and nexeye’s in-house solutions – and flexibility for future innovations
  • Web app and booking process translated to native languages ready for launch
  • Functionality tailored to the constellation of different service offerings across the Hans Anders, Direkt Optik and eyes + more brands 
  • Dedicated MongoDB environment 
  • SSO log in via Active Directory for all store employees 

The Key Points for Success

In TIMIFY, nexeye found not only a software provider, but an active partner committed to exploring custom solutions and innovations to fit all of their needs. Crucial points of success included:

  • Offering powerful and scalable digital scheduling to maximise the potential of nexeye’s services, allowing them to increase booking slots available to customers by 300%
  • vast range of functionality offered by the TIMIFY core product plus add-ons from the TIMIFY App Marketplace and API. This functionality allowed omnichannel customer booking, shift planning, data syncing with existing 3rd party services (like Salesforce, Quinyx and Tableau) and more to be efficiently implemented across the network with minimal disruption
  • The ability to quickly and easily edit global service settings for all stores, as well as localised changes for individual stores
  • Dedicated TIMIFY specialists focussed on creating customised features to solve unique challenges faced by the nexeye business, outside of TIMIFY’s core offering