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scheduling app for spa and wellness

TIMIFY takes care of it all

Streamline your admin, manage your business on and offline and offer the best customer experience - all in one system!
Bruno Costa

Bruno Costa

With it's clean and easy to use interface, TIMIFY makes it possible for my clients to find and book an appointment with me. So far I have had a positive experience with the tool and the TIMIFY team. 
Javier García Ruiz

Javier García Ruiz

Psicólogo Sevillano
After trying many calendars, I found TIMIFY to be the perfect solution to effectively manage the work schedule of 7+ people and to have a more organised practice. Since using TIMIFY we have successful results, our agenda is full of new appointment...

Get appointments online and grow your business effortlessly

Make it possible for customers to discover your business and self-schedule appointments with you. No more stopping mid-treatment to answer the phone! We make it easy for customers to book through your website and Facebook Page. We even make a beautiful Booking Profile for your business, which you can share via email or across your social channels to reach out to new customers.
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Relax! We’ve got your admin sorted

Goodbye, stress and disorganisation

booking profile
No more worrying about missed phone calls, illegible notes scribbled on post-its, or email ping pong to arrange an appointment. Our software eliminates double bookings, schedule conflicts and any other mishaps before they even arise! 

Step right in, effortless planning

shift planning tool for spa and wellness
Factor in rest time for you and and any staff you may have, as well as holidays, travel days and sick days with the help of our Shift Planner tool.

Hello, smart payment solutions

scheduling and credit card payment in advance
Offer customers the option to pay online in advance, or via credit or debit card at the time of their treatment. We even have an automated Invoicing tool, which can create, print and send invoices to your customers.
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Manage your customers' expectations, and make them feel cared for

Just the info you need

extend your customer database fields
With our Custom Fields tool, you can request that customers give you whatever information you deem necessary when they book with you for the first time. Plus it's one less thing for your customer to do when they arrive - being greeted by a form is never fun!

Customer details at your fingertips

Enjoy instant access to your customers’ treatment history, their preferred treatments, and any notes you or your team may have made thanks to our CRM. A quick peek at their file is the perfect refresher before you customer's appointment, and can give you clues as to which treatments you can recommend for them in the future.

Offer reassurance from the get-go

Use our Service Description tool to give customers extensive information as to what to expect from the treatment or service - it pre-empts any concerns they may have and encourages online sign up. 

Do you offer classes and events? Manage them on the go!

easy booking classes

Easy online sign up

Would you like to offer online sign up for your nutrition classes or evening seminars? We've made group bookings easy too - just set a maximum attendee number and sit back as your attendees schedule themselves. You can even request payment upon sign up with our Online Payment tool.
Customer reviews for online scheduled appointments

Take your business wherever you go

With our apps for desktop, tablet and mobile devices in addition to our web app, you’re able to manage your business on the go! And be assured, everything is backed up to the Cloud.
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Sync your favourite apps to your TIMIFY account. Plus discover new apps - we’re always adding more!

synchronisation with Google calendar and Microsoft 365
Sync Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 with your TIMIFY calendar for the ultimate in appointment management! We're always happy to hear your suggestions on the apps and syncs you'd like for your business.
cloud based online scheduling tool
Our TIMIFY Feedback app encourages customers to tell it like it is. Find out if there are any changes you should make, what it is that your customers like, and what you should do more of!
Save time with our automated invoicing tool. Create, print and send invoices to your customers. Activate in-store payments with SumUp and manage everything from one place.
All data handled by our system is stored in the cloud under the EU-GDPR regulations. It is also possible to store data on a virtual server or on a server on your own premises.
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