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Streamline internal processes, boost staff efficiency, and provide your customers with an outstanding service
Christina Zauchner

Christina Zauchner

TIMIFY is so easy to work with. I have the Booking Button on my website, and my clients use it to make bookings with me.  Because I want to focus on my clients when l'm with them, it means I'm unavailable for phone calls a lot of the time. TIMIFY ...
Miglena Veselinova

Miglena Veselinova

Escape Room IMOX
With TIMIFY I have a clear overview of my business and l can organise my agenda easily. It’s really helpful getting notified by email whenever someone makes a booking or makes a change to an existing booking.

Get appointments online and grow your business conveniently

If you’re looking for a simple to use, easy to install and integrate scheduling system that meets your customers' needs, TIMIFY is the best tool for you.

Our user-friendly interface makes online appointment scheduling completely hassle-free for your customers - and for you. Offer appointment booking via your website, Facebook page, or your TIMIFY Booking Profile.
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Do what you love, and leave the boring bits to us!

Hello, smart payment solutions

booking software with online payment
Offer customers the option to pay online in advance, or via credit or debit card at the time of their visit. We even offer an automated Invoicing tool, which can create, print and send invoices to your customers.

Step right in, effortless planning

shift planner and scheduling software
Our Shift Planner is great for organising staff rotation, their on-offline availability, holidays and sick days, so you’ll know at a glance if you need to find extra staff to help out.

Treat your customers to special offers

marketing tool
Reward your customers with special deals: drop the price of one of your services to promote it and to encourage more bookings. You decide how long the special offer should be available. It will always appear at the top of your services list when a customer goes to sign up for a service online.
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Optimise your relationship with your customers

Effective communication

Email reminders
Send automated appointment confirmation emails and reminders.. Your customers and patients will be grateful. And they will be much more likely to keep their appointments

Customised CRM

We’ve made it easy to import your existing database to TIMIFY, and to customise it according to your needs. Better still, we place no data restrictions on patient/customer data.  Rest assured, your data will be handled with adherence to the most stringent security standards. 

Be best prepared for your next appointment

Enjoy easy access to your customers’ treatment or purchase history, their preferred services, relevant notes you or your team took or their birth date through our CRM. It’s a perfect way of refreshing your memory before an appointment or to recommend additional services.

Get to know your business inside out

Statistics Dashboard booking system

Statistics Dashboard

Our Statistics Dashboard is a treasure trove of information: your revenue, bookings and most popular services are continuously updated. Plus, you can see which of your employees gets the most bookings.
customers reviews scheduling software

Customer Reviews

Our Customer Reviews tool allows your customers to give honest feedback on how they received your services, what they liked, and any suggestions they may have.
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Stay on top of your business, anywhere, anytime

apps booking system
With our apps for desktop, tablet and mobile devices in addition to our web app, you’re able to manage your business on the go! And be assured, everything is backed up to the Cloud.
Calendar Synchronisation
Sync your Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendars with your TIMIFY account for the ultimate in appointment management. Choose between one- or two-way synchronisation.
group bookings
Don’t be put off organising events like evening seminars, workshops or webinars again - our simple Group Bookings tool practically takes care of group enrolments for you.
Save time with our automated invoicing tool. Create, print and send invoices to your customers. Activate in-store payments with SumUp and manage everything from one place.
reception welcome
Give customers a friendly welcome the moment they step through your doors, with our digital Reception Welcome Screen app. Display personalised greetings and updates, all in your corporate style.
All data handled by our system is stored in the cloud under the EU-GDPR regulations. It is also possible to store data on a virtual server or on a system on your organisation’s premises.
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