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TIMIFY Premium offers many additional features and apps that will add value to the product and your daily business.

Desktop App

The TIMIFY Desktop App enables simple customer and appointment management directly from your desktop. With that you have the possibility of working offline and accessing appointments and customer data in the event that your connection is broken.

We also offer a few more features that are only available in the Desktop app:

Drag & Drop

You can move bookings by picking them with a left mouse click and moving them to another day or time easily without opening them beforehand.

Monthly view

Monthly view

The Desktop App offers a monthly view on top of the weekly and daily view. With that you have an even better overview for the upcoming days.

Unlimited resources / employees in the daily view

Monthly view

In the Desktop App there is no limit to the number of employees or resources you can display in the daily view. The limit for the browser is five.

How to use the Desktop App when you have Premium?

1. Login via www.timify.com and click on 'Premium' in the top right corner.

Premium button

2. There you can follow the download link for either Mac or Windows and install the program.

3. Open the Desktop App, choose your desired language and log in with the same details as you do in the browser. All the data will be then synchronized automatically.

Smartphone App

Premium users can also log in to the smartphone app with their business user accounts and access another part of the app.

Booking overview

The mobile app will give you a real-time overview of bookings that have been added to your calendar.

Customer management

You will have all the customer data with you and can see past and upcoming appointments for each one of them. Calling the client is just one click away.


As soon a customer books with you, you will see it in the notifications area in the smartphone app.

Business bookings
Business clients
Business notifications

This is how you can use the smartphone app

Download the smartphone app for your iPhone or Android-phone

Download from AppStore Download from Android Market

Open the App on your smartphone and click on the Menu symbol

Click on 'For business users' and login with your normal credentials.

Tablet App

There is a TIMIFY tablet app for your iPad or Android tablet. Here, you have an interface optimized for touchscreens which adjusts to your screen size, giving you the perfect overview of all appointments.

The tablet app´s daily view enables you to have an unlimited number of employees on display side by side.

How to use the tablet app:

1. Use your tablet to go to Google Play or App Store and look for TIMIFY Business.

2. Download the free tablet app.

3. Use your login data to log in and manage all appointments optimally while on the go.

E-mail reminder

When a customer has booked an appointment with you, the TIMIFY system will send an e-mail reminder, e.g. 24 hours in advance, so that he won´t miss his appointment with you.

In the section Online booking → Settings you can define when the e-mail reminders are to be sent.

Email reminder

Copy bookings

With the feature 'Copy bookings' it is very easy to copy recurring appointments and paste them into another date. So creating a whole new appointment is unnecessary – you simply copy it.

This is how:

  • Click on the appointment you want to copy.
  • Now you can click on the button 'Copy' at the bottom of the appointment window and, via the calendar and time of day, determine the time at which you would like to register the appointment again.
  • Click on 'Copy' to register the booking.

Bookings overview

In the section 'Customers' you can now clearly view all past as well as all future appointments for every customer with just one click. With one further click on the appointment selected by you, you directly jump to the respective week overview in the calendar.


You have temporary special offers you are desperate to introduce to your customers? With TIMIFY Premium you can create and adjust your special offers any time without having to change your services. Provide your customers with an even better service!

The special offers are shown separately at the very top in the booking process.

Special offer
  • Go to the section Marketing and then click on 'Add new offer'.
  • You can now name the offer and select the service that is to be offered at a discount.
  • In the next field, you enter the desired discount and then the time period during which the special offer will be available.
  • Click on 'Save' and your special offer is ready and visible on your booking function.
New special offer

Coloured bookings

With TIMIFY Premium, you can display the different types of appointments in different colours. For example, mark breaks or individual appointments for services in different colours, giving you an even simpler overview of your appointments and booked services.

This is how:

First, create the different colour categories to choose from later.

  • For this, open the appointments window and then click on the little square symbol at the far right.
  • Now, click on 'Choose new booking category'.
  • Now you can choose the colour and name the category.
  • Click on 'Save' to register the new colour category.

If you create an appointment now, you can choose the desired colour by clicking on the square sign.

New booking color
Booking colors

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