簡単にそれは TIMIFYで動作するようにどれだけ参照してください。

With TIMIFY, you can create and categorize all the services you would like to offer. For example, a consultation, a haircut, a personal training session, etc. You can then offer each service for customers to book online.

Create services

  • Go to Settings → Services on the menu bar on the left and click on Add service.
  • Now enter all the required data.
  • Start with the service term, such as classic massage, tire change, etc.
  • Now enter the amount of time needed for this service.
  • Then choose the resources / employees / rooms providing this service or needed for it.
  • Now you have the option to list the price shown to the customer when booking.
  • Finally, you can determine for every service, whether it should be bookable online or if you only want to manage it internally.

Create service combinations

If you want to offer certain service combinations which are often requested by customers, you can simply adjust the service term and amount of time. So, for example, you enter 'classic massage and head massage' as the term and add up the amounts of time of the two services.

Service combination

Create categories

Categories help your customers find the right service faster.

  • In order to create a category, simply click on the folder symbol and enter the category´s name.
  • Now you can choose which services created by you will be subordinated to this category.
New service category


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