簡単にそれは TIMIFYで動作するようにどれだけ参照してください。

With TIMIFY, an unlimited number of resources can be managed. No matter if it concerns employees, rooms or devices. You can create each resource, assign it to certain services and manage it via a separate calendar.

Create employees or other resources

  • Go to the section Settings → Resources
  • Click on 'Add resource' and name the resource
  • If it concerns an employee, you can now enter the employee´s e-mail in order to invite the employee to your company account and enable him to set up his own access.
  • Now you can determine the working hours and booking times.

    The working hours will then be displayed in the calendar in colour. With the booking times, you define the period of time during which openings are offered to your customers for online booking.

  • Finally, you assign the desired rights (admin or employee) for the TIMIFY account to the resource. Employees with admin rights can access any calendar and create, edit or delete appointments there. With only employee rights, only one´s own calendar can be accessed.
  • Click on 'Save' to create the employee.

Notify employees

You can notify employees of newly created appointments via e-mail. For this, check the box 'Notify employee' when creating an appointment and an e-mail with all the appointment details will be sent.


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