CalendarYour TIMIFY calendar enables you to manage all your and your employees’ appointments. The calendar gives you a clear overview of weekly and daily customers’ bookings. Both the weekly and daily view allow you to see multiple employees simultaneously.Saperne di più
CustomersTIMIFY offers more that managing appointments: it also contains a customer management tool. There you can add existing customers while new customers that book online will be added automatically. With this you have the most important details like addresses, birthdays or other notes always stored in one safe place.Saperne di più
ServicesWith TIMIFY, you can create and categorize all the services you would like to offer. For example, a consultation, a haircut, a personal training session, etc. You can then offer each service for customers to book online.Saperne di più
ResourcesWith TIMIFY, an unlimited number of resources can be managed. No matter if it concerns employees, rooms or devices. You can create each resource, assign it to certain services and manage it via a separate calendar.Saperne di più
Online bookingOnline booking with TIMIFY will make your working day easier. Your customers can schedule appointments online at any time via the TIMIFY Mobile App, your TIMIFY booking profile, your own website, or your Facebook company page.Saperne di più

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