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The online appointment scheduler for your business. Customers view your availability online, book an appointment in a matter of clicks, and their appointment drops straight into your calendar.


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How much does it cost?

TIMIFY Classic
₹ 0 For Free - Now and in the future

TIMIFY Classic is and will always be free of charge. We want to simplify your life as a service provider, and therefore provide you with a full customer and appointment management system.

TIMIFY Premium

TIMIFY Premium offers many extras for your business which will bring your Beauty Salon to the next level. Amongst others it offers you a tablet and mobile app with which you can manage your customers and appointments on the go. It also offers an overview of past and future bookings for each customer, an email reminder for upcoming bookings for clients, and an integration to Facebook.

  • What our premium customer say?

    Thanks to TIMIFY we’ve increased our bookings by 20%! Our patients love being able to arrange their appointments so quickly, and when it suits them. Plus the desktop app makes managing our admin so much easier.

    Markus Olivier
    Centrosporth Orthopädie & Sportmedizin

  • How do you work with TIMIFY?

    TIMIFY completely substitutes our appointment book, and gives a good overview over your daily and weekly appointments. In store, we have separate screen that displays only TIMIFY.

    Marcel Otto

  • What are the advantages of TIMIFY? What are your favorite features?

    No double-bookings * Hardly any idle times * Online booking for our customers * Customers can move their online bookings themselves * Less work for us * Quick service in case of issues * User interface (easy and comprehensible user interface) * Quick loading and saving times

    Patrick Aeberli
    The tattoo removal center


Test the integrated booking button here

Click on the red button and see how appointments can be offered and booked. The button is part of the free TIMIFY Classic package.

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