Tags allow you to improve the organization of your customer database and appointments in TIMIFY. With the categorization by keywords, so-called tags, you keep track of all your customers and sort appointments to a certain group.

How do I create tags?

You can find the tag feature in the area "Customers > Tags ". Here you also have an overview of the tags you have already created and how often they have been used.

You can create a new tag by clicking on the red plus symbol.

Then you can give your new tag a name and if you want select a color from the drop down menu on the right. After that you only have to check the box for either customer or booking tag and save it. Customer tags are information that you assign to your customer – for example, you determine whether the customer is a new customer or a regular. Tags that describe your booking better could be e.g. First Consultation or No-Show.

How do I use customer tags?

To add a tag to a customer, you must first search for him in the "Customers > Customer list" area. You can now open the customer profile using the pen symbol in the upper right corner. At the bottom you will find the field "Tags". By clicking on the field you can now select the preferred tags from the drop-down menu and save your changes below. For example, you can specify whether the customer is part of the VIP program of your company or belongs to the customer category new customer.

You can also add a customer tag directly when creating a new appointment. Simply click on the Edit icon as soon as you have added the customer to the booking and add the desired customer tag to the customer data in the Tags section.

You will then see all tags of a customer in his profile. This way you never lose track of the category you have assigned to your customer. 

How do I use booking tags?

Booking tags help you to keep track of the status of your bookings: With the tags you can, for example, place the appointment in the category first consultation or, if your customer did not show up for the appointment, mark this accordingly with a No-Show tag.

To add a booking day to an appointment, select the desired booking in the calendar and open the booking details using the pencil icon. In the field Tags you will find all the booking tags you have created and select the one you want.

You can also see the booking tags by moving your mouse over the appointment in the calendar at the bottom in the Tags section. This gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily classify the type of booking you are planning.

Tags help you organize your customer and booking information more efficiently. Use customer tags to keep track of your customers or create booking tags to add more information to an appointment.