Online booking with TIMIFY will make your working day easier. Your customers can schedule appointments online at any time via the TIMIFY Mobile App, your TIMIFY booking profile, your own website, or your Facebook company page.

Online booking settings

To define the basic settings for bookings, click on 'Online Booking' in the navigation panel on the left. Here you can change for example when a customer should be able to cancel an appointment at the latest, or how far in the future customers should be allowed to book. Other settings are available there as well.
Do not forget to change the setting Online Booking is to 'activated' when you are done with setting up the booking profile (see next step).

Setup of booking profile

Your booking profile is like a free mini-website that can be accessed from your personal profile address which contains your company name. It will also show up in the TIMIFY Mobile app. You can adjust the profile to your company. Add your address and the Opening Times (please be aware that these have no influence on your availability for being bookable online). Upload a profile picture, add further information, such as a phone number and your company website.

See this as a sample profile:

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