Real Estate Appointment Scheduling Software

An online appointment and resource scheduling software that is flexible and easy-to-use, perfect for

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Sell your properties faster

Sell your properties faster!
Create a consistent, interactive and helpful digital experience for your clients by integrating a booking button in all your online points-of-contact.

Whether a potential client is seeking to sell or buy a property, book a property valuation or financial consultation - one thing is certain: if you offer them the opportunity to book your services online with just a click of a button, your chances of successful business are sure to increase.

Implementing TIMIFY across your digital solutions will build a true multichannel experience that feels like personalised customer service to your clients.

Use our online appointment system to reach potential customers any time, anywhere

  • Offer online booking on your website, landing pages, social media channels or as part of an e-mail marketing campaign.
  • Integrate TIMIFY into your real estate app or at the POS via in-store displays.
Prospects who browse outside of your business hours no longer need to wait until your branch is open again or to call and arrange a viewing with a lengthy back-and-forth scheduling with your agencts.
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Increase your agency's efficiency

Direct booking of property valuations

Direct bookings for valuation appointments
  • Allow property owners to book an estate agent online for an evaluation and to put the property up for sale.
  • The owner can select the estate agent and/or the date of the valuation with just a few clicks  - no more appointment-booking phone calls necessary

Organisation of viewings for buyers

Organise viewings for buyers
Create a calendar to organise property viewings with the owner
  • Property viewings can be booked with only a few clicks.
  • All parties involved will receive confirmations, notifications and reminders automatically.

Central management of branch offices

Problemlose Integration
  • Detailed overview of all appointments across all branches
  • Direct access to the calendars of all agents
  • Ability to analyse statistical data in real time
  • Performance benchmark branch offices
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Create an exceptional user experience and watch your sales go up

Effective communication during the booking process

Terminerinnerungen per E-Mail und SMS
Your clients will receive an appointment confirmation in real time via email and/or text. And, when ever you see fit, in advance of the appointment,  receive a reminder. Cancelling or postponing is can be managed directly in the reminder.

Be perfectly prepared for your clients

  • Get the information your agents need in advance of their client meeting: request what they need to know during the booking process - renting or buying, number of bedrooms, property size range, budget.
  • Both, your agents and prospects will come fully prepared to make the most of the meeting time

Manage property viewings from mobile devices

TIMIFY is available for all mobile devices, including all Android and Apple/iOS devices 
  • Allow home owners to manage their property by using your mobile app
  • Let potential buyers create targeted search requests
  • Integrate TIMIFY directly into your app with the help of our interface (RESTful API)

Learn about your business - from every angle

Client Feedback

Client feedback

Would you like to know what your customers think about your advisory services and your real estate agents? 
  • After a viewing or after selling a property, you can send automated feedback questionnaires
  • Questions can be added and edited
Performance and Statistics

Performance and statistics

Nothing is more useful for quick and profitable decision-making than accurate data, specifially yours. Our statistics dashboard provides valuable data on
  • the number of branch bookings,
  • bookings per prospect,
  • revenues and
  • performance of the branch or individual agent
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More solutions to increase your agency's productivity

Mobile und Tablet-Apps für die Planung
Connect your TIMIFY account with any Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office365 for the best in appointment management.
gdpr compliance
All data handled by our system is stored in the cloud under the EU-GDPR regulations. It is also possible to store data on a virtual server or on a server on your own premises.
Integrate TIMIFY into your existing IT infrastructure with our RESTful API. Integration with other CRM systems, including e.g., FlowFact, OnOffice and FIO, is simple and straightforward.
Build your own apps
Did we miss anything? We often build apps for our clients to compliment their TIMIFY calendar, other existing software or to fill in any gaps that are specific to their needs. Just tell us what you need.
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