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Advanced Booking and Scheduling Solutions for Enterprises

TIMIFY is a strategic tool that integrates seamlessly into your enterprise ecosystem. With TIMIFY, you gain full control over your scheduling and booking processes, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and enhanced customer experiences

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Benefits of Using TIMIFY

Enhanced Booking Experiences

TIMIFY empowers enterprises to elevate customer experiences through flexible and tailored booking processes.

With customizable journeys based on customer segments or specific company needs, the platform supports online bookings, whether in-person or virtual, all branded with your company's identity.

TIMIFY is easily scalable, capable of handling any volume of appointments in real-time, and is available in over 20 languages. Its seamless integration, coupled with synchronization abilities and API support, ensures disruption-free inclusion in your software environment.

Unified Scheduling Workflows

TIMIFY enhances operational efficiency by centralizing workflow allocation, streamlining scheduling at of all type of resources at scale for enterprises with global presence.

It evates resource satisfaction through clear appointment overviews and access to customer information, and facilitate their work by automating confirmations, reminders, and feedback requests, eliminating manual interventions.

45% Increase in Bookings

Boost your bookings by being accessible across all your communication touchpoints.

300% increase booking slots

By synchronising resources and services perfectly, compares are able to expand their range of bookable services and strategically managed store traffic.

Up to -60% No-Shows

Reduce no-shows by sending appointment reminders and enabling customers to easily reschedule or cancel appointments themselves.

"TIMIFY helps us to coordinate appointment scheduling in multiple languages, helping to provide a consistent service to all our European customers. Super-easy to manage and a lot of options to align the tool with our corporate branding."
Julie Mascha - Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager, Valmont Group
Julie Mascha
"TIMIFY enables our customers to book and manage appointments themselves across all of our branches. We can easily control the booking availability of resources for each separate branch and offer customers many more benefits through the variety of apps available. Without doubt, TIMIFY has significantly increased our online bookings."
Gudrun Habersetzer - eCommerce Specialist, Wutscher Optik KG
Gudrun Habersetzer, Wutscher Optik KG
"Thanks to TIMIFY, our customers and prospects can self-book an appointment with our showroom advisers, adding convenience for them and our staff. Simple and intuitive, the platform meets our needs perfectly and is constantly adapting to our expectations thanks to its ongoing development.
Charlotte Laroye - Communications Officer, groupe DORAS
Charlotte Laroye, groupe DORAS

Designed to Fulfill your Enterprise Demands


Your enterprise deserves a scheduling solution that aligns perfectly with your workflow. TIMIFY offers extensive customisation options, allowing you to tailor the platform to your specific processes and branding.


Security is paramount in the digital age. TIMIFY prioritizes data protection, offering top-tier security measures and compliance standards to ensure your sensitive information remains safeguarded.

Seamless Integrations

TIMIFY seamlessly connects with your existing systems and calendars, whether it's CRM software or communication platforms. Our use our powerful REST API to create a unified ecosystem that enhances efficiency.

Multi-Location Expertise

Managing multiple locations comes with its challenges. TIMIFY's Branch Manager gives you the power to manage, oversee and coordinate appointments, resources, and staff across all locations and time zones with ease.

Enterprise Insights

Unlock the potential of your enterprise with data-driven insights. TIMIFY provides comprehensive analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and drive growth across your organization.

Dedicated Support

Your enterprise demands exceptional support. Our experts are here to assist you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing assistance. Your success is our priority.

Key Product Characteristics

  • Customisable booking widget with location finder for convenience
  • Easy integration of booking widget across all your communication touchpoints 
  • Dedicated Branch Manager Platform to control and manage all your bookable locations 
  • Statistic data for each location, branch or store, or globally.
  • Product localiesed in more thant 20 different languages, others by demand 
  • Single Sign-On, dedicated database, higher SLA and customisations across all products


  • With over 11 years in the market and approximately 45,000 users worldwide
  • Exceptional technical reliability and load capacity
  • Dedicated customer and technical support
  • GDPR compliant, cloud-based data storage
  • On-site servers if required
  • Comprehensive and competitive pricing structure
  • A comprehensive REST API grants access to nearly every TIMIFY function.
  • Capability to manage any number of bookings and data volume 
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems through the TIMIFY Marketplace or RESTful API.

Discover How Our Customers Have benefiting from Using TIMIFY

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