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TIMIFY Summer Hackathon '22: The Results

06 June, 2022

It's Friday, the last day of the hackathon, and the big reveal - today we finally got to find out what the teams have been working on all week.


It's Friday, the last day of the hackathon, and the big reveal - today we finally got to find out what the teams have been working on all week.

At 4 pm local time, the teams submitted their apps to the panel, and at 4.05 pm, presentations commenced. Each team had 15 minutes to present their app, give a live demo, and take questions. Once presentations were done, the teams let off steam with a well deserved barbecue by the pool. 

Meanwhile, work started for the judges. Teams were awarded points across a wide range of categories, including Customer Value, Business Impact, Code and Security, Team Organisation, Complexity, Marketability, Quality Assurance, UI/UX , Content Design, and Presentation Style.

Read on to find out what the judges thought - and who won…

Smart Recruit

Team Name: The Gentlemens
Members: Dimitar, Mihail, Veselin, Deyan, and Ivo
App Name: Smart Recruit

App Description:

Use Smart Recruit to automate unique landing pages, pre-populated with questions for candidate testing: those who don't pass (questions are automatically scored for right/wrong values), don't make it to the interview stage.

What the judges had to say:

"What’s brilliant about the app, is that a HR Manager can simply select the job type they’re recruiting for, select a number of questions - plus assign a difficulty level for each question, and hit save: seconds later, a unique landing page is emailed to the candidate, with the questions pre-populated. And a really nice finishing touch - if the candidate passes the test, they’re re-directed to the Booking Widget and can select an interview time and date.

In terms of market need, the app directly addresses a HR pain point. What’s more, the app is heavy on automation and time saving - features that are very much “TIMIFY"."

Martin, Senior Product Owner

"The team were smart to re-purpose existing code. In terms of bugs, their app had the fewest. However, the app complexity cost the team; they were forced to compromise on onboarding and usability. An app this complex requires time and patience to set up; to add industries, job titles, questions, answers… and unfortunately, the onboarding didn't prepare users adequately. That’s where they lost points.”

Dimitar, Project Manager

Attendance App

Team Name: The Timekeepers
Members: Razvan, Yavor, Petar, and Simona
App Name: Attendance App

The Attendance App allows employees, students, or visitors to swipe in and swipe out of their place of work, school or event; to track employee work hours, monitor student attendance, and manage building capacity.

“The app demo was impressive: in place of a beacon, the team used blue tooth and a phone to show how effortlessly a user can perform the swipe in/swipe out "attendance" function. Two massive big ticks; first, they achieved a hardware integration - something brand new to our tech portfolio, and something that would typically involve weeks of work. They also achieved a deep integration that allows new users to register and scan straight away - another first for our tech portfolio."

Ivan, Lead Quality Assurance

Sadly, when it came to testing, the judges weren’t able to use the app, due to a small bug. So that took away a significant number of points. l would have liked to see use cases that fit to our existing users. There is an abundance of potential and value, but l think the guys would do well to figure out how we can present this app to our users, as it’s outside our classic feature scope. If bonus points were available for team spirit, The Timekeepers would get them: Simona had to work remotely as she is heavily pregnant - but the team work didn't suffer one bit. ”

Clare, Product Communications

Holiday Manager

Team Name: We Are On Vacation
Members: Andrea, Aidi, Ardi, Yanko, and Bernhard
App Name: Holiday Manager

App Description:

Holiday Manager allows HR departments and managers to allocate, approve, and track employee holiday allowance; whilst employees can use the app to keep track of their holidays, and request time off.

"When l heard about this submission at the beginning of the week, my initial reaction was “smart idea”. So many of our users can benefit from holiday tracking - in essence, it’s a very advanced functionality of our current Shift Plan. The fact that one app can meet the needs of both management and staff is also on point. Like Smart Recruit, the app offers HR Managers a time saving, semi-automated tool that addresses a pain point. It's market ready and a 100% fit to our feature scope. Plus, there are plenty of valuable add-ons that the team thought of, but didn’t have time to develop."

Hristo, Chief Technology Officer

“It scored the highest points for Marketability, Customer Value, Code and Security, UI/UX and Content Design. Essentially, it was the best all rounder. I suspect a lot of consideration went into planning. However, it scored highest on bugs too! 

Geri, Scrum Mistress

The Final Verdict

Our Chief Product Officer, Boyan, was impressed.

“I was expecting the teams to prepare fairly simple apps, largely built on the front end, extending on existing functionality. And that would have been totally fine. But each team prepared something highly sophisticated.

I find it interesting that all the apps were built for the HR market. I guess it's not that surprising as resource management does overlap with HR. What l was most surprised about, is that "The Timekeepers" achieved a hardware integration. That must have taken a lot of late nights.

And so… I'm pleased to announce the team with the most points! It was tight, but "We are On Vacation" took the edge with their "Holiday Manager". The judges all agree, it's the best fit for our users.

However, there's only way to know for sure if we're right. And that is, to put them to the market. Over the next couple of months, the teams will go back and add missing elements, apply finish touches, and pass quality assurance, so that each app can be released to the TIMIFY App Marketplace. Then our users can show us which app is most popular."

​​​​​​​Be sure to check our Social Media channels for updates on when the apps will be released. Plus, we'll share more insights and photos on the hackathon over the following weeks. We're already looking forward to the next one!


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