Multi-location Appointment Management

Simplify complex booking workflows and resource scheduling across multiple locations and branches

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multiple location and branches appointment management

Our customers

total flexibility

Total Flexibility

Individual management and configuration of each branch, giving you freedom to set up each location with their own settings, services and resources.
Centralised data and management

Centralised data and management

TIMIFY Branch Manager makes it possible to access and manage data for all of your locations, with global functionality or by individual branch.
Online and offline booking

Online and offline booking

Customers book your services in their preferred branch, accessing your booking widget or QR code from all communication channels, online and in-store.

TIMIFY Features

TIMIFY Branch Manager

  • A powerful tool to add, manage and monitor all of your locations, globally or by individual branch.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of metrics across your entire network, giving at-a-glance insights into company-wide performance or individual branches.
  • Snap from the network-wide overview into an easily browsable list of all branches, alongside their top KPI (e.g. total bookings). From this view, simply click on a branch to dive into the detail for that location.
  • Access an overview of any selected branch to see store information, resource details and performance statistics.
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TIMIFY Branch Manager

Appointment Booking

  • Customers booking a service select their preferred location from the booking widget.
  • Make any service type online bookable: one-to-one appointments, events or group bookings – either in person or via video – with the option to pay in advance online.
  • Integrate online booking across your website, social media, offline marketing campaigns, apps and in-store.
  • Customise booking widgets to your needs, along with your branding or corporate identity.
Appointment Booking location and QR code

Resource Management

  • Interact with your branches and employees regardless of the time zone. Set different time zones for your calendar and those of your employees if required.
  • Give individual access and management rights to employees, letting them view, modify or delete data according to their local or global needs.
  • Choose how employees display their working hours and availability for customer bookings by branch, giving clear visibility across the company of holidays, sick days or more general availability.
  • Create dependencies between services and their essential resources, ensuring all necessary employees, equipment, rooms and devices are auto-reserved whenever that service is booked.
resource management

Virtual queue management

  • Our specially developed solution to control on-site footfall and avoid queues, for a safer and more efficient customer experience.
  • On-site clients select a service and book a place in the queue by scanning a QR code with their mobile device or getting a ticket.
  • Customisable welcome messages and wait times are displayed, keeping the customer updated on their place in the queue.
  • Customers get notifications on their mobile device, allowing them to leave your premises and return just in time for their appointment.
timify queuing

TIMIFY Marketplace

  • Select extra functionality from our library of add-ons, from in-house apps that gather customer feedback or auto-generate invoices, to integrations with your existing third-party services.
  • Integrate TIMIFY with Zoom or GoToMeeting to provide a first-class video conferencing experience.
  • Use our Survey App to send a personalised feedback form asking customers to rate your services and leave comments, visible only to you.
  • Our Upselling App lets you offer complementary services to your customers at the moment they are booking a related appointment.
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Manage your locations on a global and individual level

Manage your locations on a global and individual level with timify

Improve your in-store experience across all your branches

Companies are increasingly using digital tools to enhance the on-site experience and convenience for customers. TIMIFY provides the on-site technology, linked to your online services, that makes this possible. 

From appointment booking or scheduling video calls, to virtual queue management to reduce on-site wait times, we provide the tools to offer a safe and personalised experience to your customers at every location.

Contact our representatives today, who will provide personalised suggestions on how TIMIFY can revolutionise your branch experience.
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timify multi location solution


Additional advanced functionality

We offer specialised functionality like dedicated AWS API instance, on-premises database and more

First class data protection

All personal data is protected to the highest standards, compliant with all GDPR regulations.

Seamless IT integration

Easily integrate TIMIFY with other third-party software, or access our REST API to integrate TIMIFY to your existing IT infrastructure.

Expert support

From concept to launch and beyond, you’ll have an expert TIMIFY consultant by your side every step of the way.
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