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Resource Management

Track and schedule resources wherever you are, using any device, including assigning staff, rooms, equipment and more. Effective visibility and organisation of your resources can make big efficiency improvements.
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Shift Planner: manage flexible working hours easily

Not working 9 'til 5? Set flexible rotas for staff who work non-standard hours and manage holiday and sick days in just a few clicks

Resource management to fit your business

For businesses with many resources, effective management can be a headache. We've developed categorisation options to help. For example, organise teams by internal department (marketing, sales etc) or by their related resource (rooms, tools, equipment).
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Auto-reserve resources essential for each booking

Once all of your resources are added to the calendar, you can create 'dependencies' for different booking types. For example, for an X-ray examination, you can auto-assign a doctor, nurse, equipment and room. When a client books the appointment, all related resources will be booked automatically.
Optimise your workflow


Pre-defining your service durations and blocking out time periods where you have other commitments allows you to know at a glance the openings you have free in your calendar, and what appointments or other tasks can be slotted in for you and your team.
Save time and stress

Save time and stress

Cut back on lengthy phone conversations: all the infomtation you need to give your customers - your resources, services and their availability - are just a click away.
Know your availability

Know your availability

You and your customers always have up-to-the-second real time availability on your appointments, thanks to our online booking widget. Displaying this info online means even cancelled bookings have the best chance of being re-booked by customers who prefer booking on the fly.


Your customers appreciate knowing the service length, what the service entails, and the prices before they commit to making an appointment. Keeping your service info up to date has never been simpler.
No mix-ups

No mix-ups

Avoid scheduling appointments to the wrong employee! Unlike the errors that happen every so often with hand written calendars, you can rest assured that every service booked goes to the calendar of the ressource assigned to it. 

Service management

Create all of your services in the online calendar and then decide if they will be bookable online or not, in case you prefer certain services to be booked in-person.

Ensure resources are ready to go

If you have services where set-up time before or after an appointment is always required, make certain it is accounted for by booking additional 'buffer times' around a booking.

Whether it's technical set-up, room preparation or cleaning, adding the extra time can be auto-assigned to specific services the moment they are booked. This guarantees the process for a smooth customer experience is always accounted for and followed. 

Resources should never again be forgotten, double booked or unprepared, meaning customers should never be left waiting while set-up is completed.

Make the best use of resources

While some services only require one resource throughout, others need more complex organisation - from room and personnel changes to managing a variety of equipment at different times within one appointment.

In the example of a 'Day spa' booking, an appointment may last five hours. However, within that duration, you need one hour in the massage room, another in the steam room and the last three hours in the relaxation lounge - each with different staff and equipment.

With TIMIFY it's simple to schedule all of your resources at the timing splits you need, meaning not only that the appointment flows smoothly for the customer, but also that rooms, staff and resources not active for the whole appointment can be utilised elsewhere.

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