Your TIMIFY calendar enables you to manage all your and your employees’ appointments. The calendar gives you a clear overview of weekly and daily customers’ bookings. Both the weekly and daily view allow you to see multiple employees simultaneously.

The working times you added for each employee will be visually separate in each of the calendar’s columns. With a few clicks you can add bookings, breaks and vacation times. As soon as a customer books online with you, the appointment will be added automatically to your TIMIFY calendar and you will receive an email and a notification in your browser.

Add bookings

  • Click in the calendar at the time you want to add a new booking and choose the service for the booking. Date and Time are prefilled already, and the duration is filled from your service choice.
  • Then choose an existing customer, or type in a new customer name and choose the downwards opening field: Add as new customer. The customer will then be added to your customer database automatically.
  • Now you can select whether the customer and / or the employee should receive an email notification for this booking.
  • By clicking on the Add booking button, the booking will be added.

Vacation and periods of absence

  • Click in the calendar as you have already learned from Add booking, and click in the Title field next to the services field. Type a description of what this blocker consists of (e.g. vacation, lunch date, absence).
  • You have to pick a duration as it is not prefilled. Click on the Duration field and pick something from the dropdown menu.
  • By clicking on the Add booking button, the blocker will be added.

Calendar Settings

Open the calendar settings by clicking on the gearwheels sign in the left corner of the calendar. Now you can choose which time span and days should be shown

Resource / employee selection

The resource / employee selection is in the top left corner above the Today button. There you can select which resources should be shown. The weekly view offers up to 5 resources next to each other whilst the daily few can show up to 20 at a time.
The Desktop and Tablet App, both available in the Premium version, are able to show an unlimited number of resources next to each other.

Calendar views

The TIMIFY calendar gives you a clear overview with both the daily and weekly view, where you can manage your and your teams' appointments.

Premium calendar features

In the following you can learn something about the additional features the premium version will offer you:
  • 9 different colours for bookings
  • Monthly view

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