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Create your free TIMIFY account

Complete the registration form in order to create your TIMIFY company account. As soon as registration is completed, you will receive an email to your indicated email address, via which you can then confirm your account.

TIMIFY account settings

The settings are crucial for your optimal work with TIMIFY. They include creating resources with the respective working hours and booking times as well as services. Once you have defined these settings, you can manage all your and your team´s appointments via the TIMIFY calendar.


First, go to the section Settings → Resources and click on your employee profile. Here, you can now enter your working hours and booking times.
What is the difference between working hours and booking times?
  • The working hours make for a better overview in the calendar and are displayed in colour there.
  • The booking times define the time periods during which appointments are offered for online booking.
In order to manage further employees, devices or rooms via TIMIFY, you can now start to enter these as new resources. Simply click on Add resource and complete the required data.
For detailed instructions see → How to add resources


In the section SettingsServices, you can now create your services that customers can book with you, such as a haircut, a consultation, a massage, etc.
For this, simply click on Add new service and enter the required data. Additionally, you can then divide your services into different categories.
For detailed instructions on how to create services see → How to add new services

Make yourself bookable online

You have defined all the settings? Great! Just a few more steps and your customers can book their desired appointments with you online from now on.
For this, go to the section Online booking → Settings. Here, you can determine when appointments may be booked at the earliest or when the customers themselves may cancel an appointment at the latest.

Now you can adjust your booking profile to your company.

What is the booking profile?

The booking profile is a kind of microsite which customers can access via your own profile address. Here is example of one of our customers:
The booking profile will also be listed in the TIMIFY mobile app, and customers can find you via the app and book online. So it is worth completing the booking profile data in order to communicate the most important information to your customers.
Do not forget to activate online booking! You can do this in the menu bar right over the section "account"

As soon as you have set up the booking profile and activated online booking, you can bring the online booking option to your customers´ attention!


4. Integration into your own website and Facebook

TIMIFY can also be integrated into your own website very easily. 

Integrate the booking button
Go to the section Online booking → Integration. There, you will find the code to integrate the booking button into your website. You have to integrate this code into your website´s source code in the head section.
For this, we have selected an example for you: (

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