TIMIFY for the Public Sector

​​​​​​​A customisable appointment scheduling solution for government agencies

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online scheduling for embassies and government
Increased Staff Profuctivity

Effortless online booking

Online booking lets you promote the availability of services across multiple touchpoints, make appointments simple to book, and assure citizens that visits will be safely managed and without overcrowding.
A complete scheduling solution

Comply with social distancing regulations

Prevent crowded waiting rooms or queues forming outside your premises by offering walk-in clients the possibility to join a virtual queue with our TIMIFY Q app.
Improved citizen services

Confidential data stays confidential

We understand how sensitive the data you are dealing with is. When it comes to encryption, storage and transfer of personal data, we adhere to the latest EU legislation.  

TIMIFY Features

Appointment management

  • Give citizens the opportunity to search for their desired appointment date and to book it directly online at any time, across all of your communication channels.
  • Let citizens book appointments directly with a particular department or their assigned clerk by providing specific booking options.
  • Send reminder emails to prevent no-show appointments. You can also offer visitors the opportunity to reschedule an appointment. If they cancel, the time slot becomes available for someone else to book.
  • Define different lengths for different appointments. This is automatically entered in the calendar as soon as a service is booked.
  • All bookings, customer and resources can be managed on-the-go with our mobile and tablet apps.
Calendar weekly view

Virtual queue management

  • Our specially developed solution to control on-site footfall and avoid queues, for a safer and more efficient customer experience.
  • On-site clients collect an available appointment slot by scanning a QR code with their mobile device or getting a ticket.
  • Customisable welcome messages and wait times are displayed, keeping the customer updated on their place in the queue.
  • Customers get notifications on their mobile device, allowing them to leave your premises and return just in time for their appointment.
Our specially developed solution to control on-site footfall and avoid queues,

Customer data management

  • Store unlimited citizen data - contact details, appointments, special requirements and more.
  • Get the info you need in advance of appointments and store it in your own database with our Custom Fields tool.
  • Citizen data and appointment availability is updated in up-to-the-second real time, across all devices and all user accounts.
  • Add notes to citizens' files - follow up action to be taken, any special requirements or requests.
Customers and custom fields

Resource and service management tools

  • Flexible working and booking hours, holidays and sick days are easy to manage with our Shift Planner feature
  • Manage all services - the ones you want to make available for the public to book online, and the ones that just you and your team can book internally.
  • Make TIMIFY yours - get the additional apps you need for your organisation in our App Marketplace
Shiftplan with email reminder

Statistics Dashboard to keep you informed

  • All measurable data is viewable via your Dashboard - booking stats, engagement stats, employee activity and performance stats.
  • Knowledge is power: use your stats to improve processes and know what you can do to increase citizen satisfaction
  • See how many citizens book appointments online, which appointments are the most popular, the number of bookings you get on a daily and weekly basis, and more!
  • The Dashboard is available on all our apps - web, desktop, tablet and mobile - for all your team to view.
Statistics Dashboard

Keep providing your services while ensuring social distancing

Allowing visitors to schedule appointments online in advance and in-person, makes it easier to prevent crowded waiting rooms and follow social distancing guidelines. Even if safety regulations are relaxed, users will greatly benefit from TIMIFY‘s convenience and ease of use.

If you would like to learn more about TIMIFY and the “Queuing App” or if you have special queries, book a free, non-binding demonstration with one of our consultants. Our team will be happy to advise you on individual solutions for your business.
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Desktop with calendar

Why trust your online scheduling services to TIMIFY?

German quality standards

German Quality

As a proud German company, we strictly adhere to the stringent privacy laws, so you can trust we take data security as seriously as you and your customers do.
First class customer support

Outstanding support

We believe that nothing is more important to any business than it's customers. We're here for you 24/5 - for technical, product or any other questions.

Seamless IT integration

Easily integrate TIMIFY with other third-party software, or access our REST API to integrate TIMIFY to your existing IT infrastructure.

Additional advanced functionality

We offer specialised functionality like dedicated AWS API instance, on-premises database and more
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