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Explore our launch apps! (And watch this space…more are coming soon!)

timify for zoom


Auto-schedule virtual classes, team meetings, and screen sharing sessions.

TIMIFY for Zoom effortlessly adds video conferencing to any of your services, from one-to-one meetings through to group conferences and classes.

TIMIFY manages the whole process, letting you focus on giving a great meeting. Create and promote an event in your schedule, have resources auto-assigned when a booking is made. Notifications and reminders are sent automatically.
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Booking Links App

Total flexibility to make your services and resources online bookable

Create and share links to any of your services and resources. Generate printable PDFs with QR codes; PDF stickers and email signatures with clickable links that lead to your URL. It's the most customer-friendly - and quickest -- way of making your services and resources bookable.
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booking link app
gotomeeting logo


Schedule video meetings with customers and colleagues in TIMIFY

Nothing beats face-to-face time, but connecting with customers virtually is a pretty close second. GoToMeeting is a great tool for businesses who need to stay in touch with their customers - and with each other. Whether it’s a daily team briefing with co-workers across different locations, an at-home yoga class for customers who can’t travel, or screen sharing a presentation with a customer, this app allows you to do it all, with minimum effort.
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Upselling App

Encourage your clients to book more services in one go

Bundle services together, and allow them to be booked in one go. Convenient for your customers: no need to re-start the booking process and schedule multiple single bookings. Grow customer awareness: highlight services your customers may not be aware you offer.
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upsetting app timify
integration timify and zapier


Create automate workflows by connection TIMIFY with Zapier

Connect your TIMIFY account with Zapier and create automated workflows with over 1,500 business applications, including MailChimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, GoToWebinar, and many more.
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Quick & easy appointment scheduling via your messaging system

Connect your TIMIFY with Intercom and integrate our online scheduling widget in your chats, bots and automation workflows.
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intercom integration with timify
timify import app

TIMIFY Import App

Save yourself time by importing your customers and resources with one click!

The TIMIFY Import App allows you to import your current customer list to your TIMIFY account - saving you time and unnecessary admin. Plus, you can also import all your bookable and non-bookable resources. Simply download our sample CSV file, add your data, and upload it back to the app.
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Microsoft Office 365

Do you use Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook.Com?

Do you use Microsoft Office 365 and/or Outlook? Would you like to add all your events - past and future - to your TIMIFY Calendar? This app is for you! You can even add your team members’ Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook calendars to your TIMIFY Calendar for the ultimate in appointment synchronisation!.

What’s more, if you only want to do a 1-way sync, say to bring all your Outlook events to TIMIFY, but not your TIMIFY bookings to Outlook, you can do that too. This app is as flexible as your needs demand, so you can view and access the appointments and events across your calendars just as you wish!
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Synchronise seamlessly your TIMIFY calendar with Office 365
Google Calendar Sync und TIMIFY

Google Calendar Sync

Do you use Google Calendar?

Would you like to add your Google Calendar events to your TIMIFY Calendar and vice versa? Now you can. You can also allow your team to sync their Google Calendars with your TIMIFY account for the ultimate in appointment sharing!

Whats more, you can choose if you want to do a 1-way sync (either from TIMIFY to Google, or from Google to TIMIFY) or 2 way sync - where both calendars continuously sync to each other, so you always have all your appointments on both platforms.
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Invoice & POS

Do you want to automate invoice workflows?

Create and manage invoices with the TIMIFY Invoice & POS app. Generating invoices couldn’t be easier, as you already have all your bookings, services and customer details safely stored and easily accessible. To make an invoice, all you need to do is to select the booking you wish to invoice, click “create an invoice”, make any necessary adjustments (such as adding a discount or changing the tax rate), click the save button and you’re done! All that’s left to do is to download, print, or email the invoice to your customer.

Whats more, if you take payment via a Chip and PIN reader (such as SumUp), your invoices will be automatically marked as “paid’ after each successful transaction!
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Create and manage invoices easily
Feedback and Scheduling App

TIMIFY Survey App

The perfect solution for gathering customer feedback

Write and send surveys for the different services, treatments, classes, or events you offer. Every touchpoint is customisable: the survey email requests; the survey landing pages; and the survey completion page. What’s more, you can upload a photo and include a booking button on your landing page, so that customers can sign up for their next booking straight after giving feedback.
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Reception Welcoming Screen

Provide a friendly welcome to your customers

The “Reception Welcoming Screen” App is a modern and professional way to provide a friendly welcome to your customers entering your office, lobby or reception. The app allows you to display personalized welcome messages to your next customer on a flat TV screen. It can also help visitors to know with whom of your employees they have an appointment with. TIMIFY Enterprise customers can also benefit from our “Rooms” feature and also display in the message in which room or floor the customer should go.
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screen app
Don’t see the apps you want?

Don’t see the apps you want?

Did you spot a gap? Can’t see the apps you need for your business? Let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to our Marketplace asap!
Want to contribute an app?

Want to contribute an app?

Got an idea for an app? You can build pretty much anything using our API. Plus you can submit your app to the TIMIFY App Marketplace, so all TIMIFY customers can benefit from it too, or keep it just for your own business - your choice.
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