timify integration zoom and gotomeeting

Video Appointment Scheduling

Arrange video meetings for customers and colleagues with ease. Our video apps integrate Zoom and GoToMeeting, bringing efficiency to remote working and ensuring an uninterrupted customer experience.

TIMIFY for Zoom & GoToMeeting

TIMIFY for Zoom and GoToMeeting effortlessly adds video conferencing to any of your services, from one-to-one meetings through to group conferences and classes.

TIMIFY manages the whole process, letting you focus on giving a great meeting. Create and promote an event in your schedule, have resources auto-assigned when a booking is made. Notifications and reminders are sent automatically. 

Participants just click on a link in the booking confirmation to join the video call, no Zoom or GoToMeeting accounts required. Simple and straightforward for all involved!
TIMIFY for GoToMeeting


for all meeting types

For all meetings types

Schedule video conferences, group classes, presentations and one-to-ones with customers or colleagues. Set up automated resource booking for different meeting types, including staff, rooms and equipment required.
Seamless scheduling

Seamless scheduling

Create a video meeting and participants are automatically sent all event details, with a link to join the video call. Simple to set up, simple to join, reducing booking errors and saving time for all
real-time notifications

Real-time updates

Attendees receive automatic updates for any rescheduling or cancellation. For events, drop-out places instantly become free for others to book, while organisers can always see the up-to-date status

How it works

  1. Add the GoToMeeting or Zoom app to your TIMIFY account. As the organiser, you need a GoToMeeting or Zoom account.
  2. In the app, select a service you want to feature a GoToMeeting or Zoom video call.
  3. Now, when you create an appointment for that service, or a customer books one, a video call will be automatically set up.
  4. Participants automatically receive meeting notifications – a confirmation (with link to join the video call), up to two reminder emails.
  5. When it's time for the appointment, participants just click the link to join the video call
How it works

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