Open your TIMIFY account.

When you're ready to open your TIMIFY account, click on the "register for free" button on the top right of our website - or just click here and follow the steps. As part of the registration process, we'll send a link to the email address you give us, to validate your account.

Get to grips with the basics.

Here are the essentials on getting your TIMIFY account up and running.

Add Resources (employees), and edit their working and booking times.

To add an employee, click on "settings" on your menu. A drop-down opens; now select "resources" and one profile shows up - yours. To add another team member, click the "add resource" button on the top right. Give the name and email address of your employee, and click on the box to upload a photo of them. If you want customers to be able to book this employee online, make sure you select the tick box "publish employee for online booking". If you want your employee to have access to his or her schedule on your TIMIFY Calendar, select the box "create an account for this resource". This gives them their own unique login to your account, so you can share your Calendar. (Different access permissions are available).
Working times and booking times
Now you can now enter working and booking hours. "Booking times" refer to the employee's availability to be booked online, and are copied from the "working times" you enter - but of course you can edit this. Click the "lunch break" box to add in a break period for your employee.

Add the services you offer.

To add the services you offer, click on the drop-down "settings" and this time select "services". Click on the red box, "add service" in the top right of your screen.

Give the service name, duration, assign the employees who carry out this service, and give the service price (this is optional). If you want customers to be able to see and book this service online, make sure to select the "publish service for online booking" checkbox.

To organise your services into categories, click on the gray folder, give your category a name, then allocate services to be listed to it. (A service can only exist in one category).

Make your business online bookable (optional).

If you want customers to be able to book services with you online, read on…

Select your booking preferences 

Firstly, you need to decide how far in advance you want to accept bookings, the minimum lead time you want, the cut-off for accepting cancellations. Click on "online booking", and "settings". There are a number of options relating to online booking here for you to select, and remember, the settings here will apply to all your online bookable services. For an explanation of each option, just click on it's accompanying question mark icon.

Customise your TIMIFY Booking Profile

Your Booking Profile is a microsite for your business, with a Booking Button, which leads to your Booking Widget - this is what customers use to book your services.

To customise your Booking Profile, go to "online booking" and select "profile" from the drop-down. Add a photo, a short description of what your business does, your business hours and location. Once complete, you can view your Profile by copying the link that displays at the top of this section - and feel free to add the link to your email signature, or anywhere else online.
Don't forget to activate online booking! You can find the "online booking" slider at the top of your menu bar, just under the TIMIFY logo. 

Once you've completed all these steps, you can start getting bookings online. Remember to tell your customers that you're now online bookable!

Add a booking button to your website (optional).

Before you can do this, you need to complete your TIMIFY Booking Profile!

Go to "online booking" and from the drop-down, select "integration". You can select where you wish your Booking Button to display - we offer three placement options. There are two codes that you need to copy and paste to your website´s source code. For more guidance, we recommend you watch the video below…

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