General questions

What do I need to do to start working with TIMIFY? 
It’s really simple to get started with TIMIFY. There's absolutely nothing to download, you don't have to any particular technical knowledge, plus we have a step-by-step "tour" of our software, to guide you through setup when you log in for the first time.
Register here to open your TIMIFY Business Account. Our setup guide takes you through the key settings so you can manage your meetings and your team in the TIMIFY Calendar, and offer customers the option of booking online with you.
What does TIMIFY cost? 
TIMIFY Classic is free, and will always be.

We offer TIMIFY Premium to small and medium-sized companies who want more features. For more information on our Premium software, look here: TIMFY Premium
I don´t have a company homepage. Can I still use TIMIFY?
Absolutely! A number of our users don't have a website, which is where the Booking Profile comes in - it is essentially a "mini website", which gives your business an online presence, and importantly, where customers can make online bookings with you.
Do customers have to register with TIMIFY to book appointments with me?
No, not necessarily. There are three ways customers can book with you:
  1. By opening a TIMIFY Customer Account: a one-time registration is necessary so that we can verify their mobile number.
  2. Using their Facebook login.
  3. As a guest - no registration or verification required.
No matter how customers book appointments with you online, you will always receive their name, email and contact number.

If you are a TIMIFY Premium user, you have the option to deactivate the Facebook login and guest booking options, so that all customers need to open a TIMIFY Customer Account.
 Can my customers view my calendar?
No, only you and any employees you may have given "administrator" access to can view your Calendar.

Customers can only see the slots you have available to book, as displayed on your Booking Widget. You can view this anytime by clicking on your booking button (as displayed on your Booking Profile).
What is the Booking Profile?
The Booking Profile is a mini website, that gives your business an online presence.

You can upload a photo, tell customers a bit about your business, show you location and opening hours. It includes an interactive location map, and your Booking Button - which leads to your Booking Widget - and this is how customers make bookings with you. 

The Booking Profile is free, and available to Classic and Premium users. 
How many employees can I create and manage in TIMIFY?
There is no limit to how many employees - or any resources for that matter - regardless of whether you use our Classic or Premium software.
Which additional features do I get with TIMIFY Premium?
TIMIFY Premium gives you and your entire team access to our apps - desktop, tablet and phone.

You get to benefit from all our features, such as the Invoicing and POS app which allows you to take payments online or at point of sale, and issue invoices; email reminders for customers for their bookings; and offer Group Bookings. For a full list, check here: TIMIFY Premium
Is there a minimum contract for TIMIFY Premium?
The minimum contract for TIMIFY Premium is 12 months. You can pay up front for one year, or month by month (though it is more cost effective to pay straight up for the 12 months).

You may terminate your contract at the end of the 12 month period.

Calendar settings and management tools

What viewing options does the Calendar offer?
We offer a detailed daily view, a weekly view and a monthly view via our Shift Planner - this is for Premium users only.

In the daily view, you can view up to 20 employee schedules, side by side. In the weekly view, you can view up to 5 employee schedules. 

The Shift Planner - this gives an overview of your team's travel, holidays and sick days, and allows you to set up flexible rotas for part-time staff or team members who don't work the standard 9-5.
Can customers cancel or re-schedule their bookings online?
To edit the minimum lead time for accepting cancellations online, go to "online booking" and click "settings". Any changes you make will apply to all lead times, for all your services.

In the email confirmation that your customers receive when they book a service, they're informed about the cancellation deadline. Customers can re-schedule or cancel their booking via this confirmation email.
Can my team add appointments to my Calendar?
Yes. All employees can add, re-schedule and cancel any bookings that are made with them.

Employees whom you grant "administrative" access to can add, re-schedule and cancel bookings for you and all other employees. 

You can invite employees to your Calendar and set their access rights by clicking on "settings", and selecting "resources" from the drop-down.
How do I know if a customer books or cancels an appointment?
Whenever a customer books, changes or cancels an appointment, you get an alert in the "notification" drop-down on your TIMIFY Calendar, as well as an email notification.


How can l change my employees' availability for getting online bookings?
Go to 'settings' in the menu bar and click on 'resources'. Now select an employee to edit his or her availability for getting online bookings by editing their "booking time". 
How can I delete former employees from my Calendar?
Go to 'settings' in the menu bar and click on 'resources'. Now select the employee you wish to remove from your calendar, then simply click on the trash can icon at the bottom right. This also prevents the employee from accessing your TIMIFY Calendar.

Booking button options

How do l add a Booking Button to my website?
Go to “online booking” in the menu bar and select “integration” and follow the instructions.


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