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appointment scheduling software for consultants and agencies

Focus on growing your business and increasing your revenues. We’ll take care of the rest!

Digitalise your business, offer individual and group self-scheduling online, and have access 24/7 via our apps!
D. Faoro-Dagsay

D. Faoro-Dagsay

tapetenraum GmbH
As a “one woman show”, online booking with TIMIFY means l can be flexible for my clients, and be available for them at times that fit their personal schedule. It also allows me to combine my personal schedule with my business schedule perfectly.
Nicole Kaelber

Nicole Kaelber

Intersport Schrey GmbH
TIMIFY gives our customers a tremendous benefit: the possibility to book an appointment with their favourite advisor, or a consultant in their desired department, - in advance. Better still, it helps us with our internal staff scheduling. We just ...

Get new leads

Use TIMIFY to gain the trust of new prospects and reassure them that your consultancy is right for them. We make a professional Booking Profile for you - it's a mini website with all the essential information on your consultancy.  Tailor it and use it to promote your business - it's perfect for sharing via email or across your social media channels. Prospects can view it and make an online appointment straight away. 

Add Booking Buttons to your website and other online pages like Facebook - you can even make the buttons fit with your corporate design!
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Enjoy a better work-life balance

Too busy to answer the phone or write emails?

self scheduling for lawyers and tax consultants
Cut down on the back and forth you spend on email and on the phone arranging appointments - simply select the times and days you wish to be booked online, sit back and let clients self-book themselves. Forget scheduling conflicts and other mishaps.

Not a fan of slaving over your team rota?

shift planner tool for agencies, law and tax companies
Give yourself back the hours you would otherwise lose updating your schedule, factoring in staff shifts, holidays, travel and sick days with our Shift Planner tool.

Want to charge for some of your services in advance?

schedule appointment online and pay in advance
Use our Online Payment solution to request credit and debit card payments on whichever services you wish.
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Put your clients at the forefront

Exude professionalism

appointment reminders for consultants
Clients receive automated confirmation emails upon booking, as well as reminders in advance of their appointment - reassuring them that you look forward to meeting them.

Get the precise information you need from your clients - when they book.

We’ve made it possible for you to design your own data fields - you can make these fields a mandatory part of the online booking process so that you get the information you need before your appointment.

Enjoy secure and plentiful data

We offer you unlimited data storage. So you can not only design your own database with our Custom Fields tool, you can add as much data as your need and rest assured that it will be stored in accordance with strict security regulations.

Be an expert on your business

statistics dashboard for scheduling system

Statistics Dashboard

The Statistics Dashboard is a treasure trove of very valuable information: your revenue, bookings and most popular services are continually updated. So you can see what’s working well, and where there’s room to tweak things.
customer reviewing after scheduled appointments

Customer Reviews

Plus our Customer Reviews app allows your clients to give honest feedback on how they found their experience with you, what they liked and any suggestions they have.
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Your business is only ever a couple of clicks away!

scheduling platform for ios android macOs and Windows
One day you’re working from the office, the next attending a conference, and the next…who knows! Access your schedule from our mobile, tablet (offline-capable), desktop (offline-capable) and web apps.
Google Calendar synchronisation and Microsoft 365 calendar synchronisation
Sync your Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendars with your TIMIFY account for the ultimate in appointment management. Choose between one- or two-way synchronisation.
appointment booking widget in multiple languages
Do you work with clients from abroad? Allow them to select their preferred language when they schedule an appointment. Our Booking Widget - it’s available in 9 languages and counting.
organise and make your events online bookable
Don’t be put off organising events like evening seminars, workshops or webinars again - our simple Group Bookings tool practically takes care of group enrolments for you.
Got questions? Do you want to find out more about how TIMIFY can work for your consultancy? Why not make an appointment with our friendly sales team to talk things over?
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