Appointment scheduling for retail

Build customer loyalty: make your services, stylists, and consultants online bookable for your  .

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scheduling system for retail business

Use online appointment booking to to increase in-store sales

increase in-store conversions
Your clients' expectations continue to grow every day. Make sure you give them the opportunity to communicate with you at any moment, from any device convenient for them.

Offering a truly multichannel experience will improve customer satisfaction, allowing them to book any of your online services, from any contact channel, at any time.

TIMIFY connects your online presence with your physical selling points, driving customer visits to your retail points and delivering a personalised shopping experience unique from your competitors. 

These brands use TIMIFY for their online scheduling needs:

Be bookable on all channels

Communicate your online bookable services on all your on-/offline touch points available:
  • Integrate our customizable booking widget on your website, your Facebook channel, in-store displaysnewsletterse-mail signatures many more!
  • Let your customers book an appointment any time and from any location that suits them - in just a few clicks. 
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An online booking software that works for your business!

Rooms and tools are bookable too!

manage rooms and spaces
Our software takes care of linking your team to the rooms, spaces or equipment needed for each type of appointment.
  • Identify Resources as either “online bookable” or “dependant”.
  • Dependent Resources can be allocated to their corresponding Service(s)
  • Any time that Service is booked, those Resources are automatically reserved.

Strengthen your brand

customised booking process, widget and emails with timify
Our booking software acts as a seamless extension of your brand:
  • TIMIFY allows the customisation of the booking buttons, booking widget and emails according to your corporate identity.
  • We offer as well on demand a "White label" solution 

Manage all your locations in one single dashboard

manage all your business locations in one single dashboard
With our Branch Management tool you have:
  • The perfect overview of all your bookings and resources from each location. 
  • The possibility to manage and organize all your stores or subsidiaries from one account.
  • Access to in-depth booking statistics.
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Use TIMIFY to engage and foster long term customer relationships

Avoid "No Shows"

Clients receive automated booking reminders in advance of their appointment - reassuring them that you look forward to meeting them. You can also send customised SMS reminders.

Mobile optimised booking

The majority of customers interact with their brands through mobile.
Complement their shopping experience by:
  • Integrating the booking process directly into your customer app
  • If you dont have one, let us build an app for you!
  • Our software and interfaces work seamlessly on mobiles 
  • We can provide you with the necessary API for easy integration and customization.

Prepare for success

  • Request the exact information that will help prepare you and your customer for their appointment, as part of the customer’s online booking process.
  • Size, style, occasion - get it all in advance so you and your team ensure the appointment is a success!

Get to know your business, from every angle

scheduling solution with smart statistical data

Statistics and key indicators

You rely on data for fast and profitable decision making. Our Statistics Dashboard and Enterprise app present you with valuable data on:
  • Booking statistics
  • Revenue
  • Branches, employees and services performance 
improve your service with our feedback tool

Customer Feedback

Have automated feedback requests go out after your customers’ in-store experience.
Find out:
  • What they liked
  • What they think can be improved 
  • Pose any other specific questions you would like them to answer. 
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We give you the freedom to perform at your best!

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Connect your TIMIFY account with any Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 for the ultimate in appointment management.
apps and integrations
All data handled by our system is stored in the cloud under the GDPR European Union regulations. It is also possible to store data in a virtual server or in a system on your organisation’s premises.
scheduling software for mac and windows
Integrate TIMIFY into your existing IT infrastructure with our RESTful API. Integration with other CRM systems, including FlowFact, OnOffice and FIO, is simple and straightforward.
scheduling app for iOS and android
We often build apps for our clients that compliment their TIMIFY Calendar and existing software, to fill in any gaps that are specific to their needs. Just tell us what you're missing.
Do you want to find out more about how TIMIFY can work for you? Why not make an appointment with our friendly sales team to talk things over?
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