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Organise and manage job interviews quickly and easily. A perfect tool for  

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Optimise your recruitment process

Optimise your recruitment process
To have a successful recruitment process, companies must adapt to constant changes in technology and trends in the job market.

Nowadays, most people look for a job online from a computer or mobile device, especially younger digital natives. Therefore, allowing applicants to book interviews through different applications or social media is essential.

Deliver this with a seamless customer experience by integrating TIMIFY to all of your channels and devices. The ability for applicants to book appointments any time and any where will increase interactions and speed up the recruitment process.

Use online appointments to reach more applicants

Engage with potential candidates the moment they begin looking for a job.
  • Integrate the booking button in your Website, Landing Pages, Job advertisement or Mobile-App.
  • Applicants can book an appointment at any day or time and with any device.
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An all-in-one scheduling solution

Resources and time management

Resources and time management
Our resources management tool will allow you to:
  • Manage your personnel, as well as other resources such as equipment, offices, rooms, etc.
  • Our tool will help you to oversee all staff working hours, as well as holidays and sick leave.

Customise your appointment process

Terminvereinbarung mit Bewerbern
  • Customise the booking workflow according to your specific requirements.
  • Apply your corporate branding to the entire booking process. 
  • Offer a tailored booking process according to your unique customer journeys.

Organise seminars and training courses

Organise seminars and training courses
Easily organise all kinds of events with TIMIFY, such as seminars and staff training courses.
  • Add the event in the calendar,
  • choose the employees you would like to take part
  • send them an invitation with detailed information such as times, venue details and useful links.
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Optimise communication with candidates and offer them a better experience

Avoid "No-shows" and misunderstandings

Avoid "No-shows" and misunderstandings
Candidates receive an email confirmation as soon as they book, plus any later updates -all in real time. Reminders are sent in advance of their interview via email and/or SMS - reassuring them that you look forward to meeting them, whilst giving them the option to cancel or reschedule.

Prepare your job interview in advance

  • Our system's flexibility allows you to add multitude of questions in a range of formats for candidates to answer during the appointment process.
  • Knowing this information in advance will better prepare the team for the job interview and improve the efficiency of subsequent face-to-face interviews.

Be bookable on all social media channels and mobile devices

  • Most of your applications will come from mobile or your social media channels- all our software and interfaces can be integrated into all devices and channels.
  • We can provide you with the necessary API to integrate your job application process directly into your customer app,
  • or even better, we can build an app just for you.

Get to know your business inside from every angle

Candidate feedback

Candidate feedback

Client experience is also crucial in the recruitment process.
  • After each interview, send a feedback request automatically
  • Gather candidate opinions about the process and job interview.
Key data and statistics

Key data and statistics

Data gathering and analysis is essential for any type of business. Our Statistics Dashboard gives you access to information such as the:
  • number and type of appointments per job offer,
  • location or
  • interviewer.
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We equip you with the tools you need to perform at your best!

TIMIFY integration CRM
Integrate TIMIFY into your existing IT infrastructure with our RESTful API. Integration with other CRM systems, including FlowFact, OnOffice and FIO, is simple and straightforward.
All data handled by our system is stored in the cloud under the GDPR European Union regulations. It is also possible to store data in a virtual server or in a system on your organisation’s premises.
Custom Apps
Did we miss something? We often build apps for our clients that compliment their TIMIFY Calendar and existing software, to fill in any gaps that are specific to their needs. Just tell us what you're missing.
google and microsoft calendar sync
Connect your TIMIFY account with any Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 for the ultimate in appointment management.
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