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General questions

 Can my customers view my calendar? 
No, only you as service provider can view the TIMIFY calendar and see when appointments are booked and which customer comes when. For online booking, only the times available for booking appointments are shown to your customers. To see what it looks like, take a look at the booking profile of one of our customers ( or his own website (
Do customers have to register with TIMIFY to book appointments with me?
No, not necessarily. There are three ways customers can book with you:
  1. With a TIMIFY appointment booker account - a one time registration is necessary to verify their mobile number.
  2. Alternatively, using their Facebook login.
  3. Or, using a guest booking - no registration or verification required.
No matter how the customer books an appointment with you, you will receive their name, email and their contact number. If you are a TIMIFY Premium user, you have the option to deactivate the Facebook login and guest booking options, so that all customers need to open a TIMIFY appointment booker account.
Now, how do customers book appointments with me?
Your customers have 4 different options to book appointments online:
  • Via the TIMIFY mobile app
  • Via your TIMIFY booking profile
  • Via the booking button on your own website
  • Via your Facebook page
What do I need to do to start working with TIMIFY?
It’s quite simple: Register here as a new service provider. Our Setup guide will explain in detail which settings are necessary to manage appointments optimally in the TIMIFY calendar and to enable customers to book online with you.
How many employees can I create and manage in TIMIFY?
You can create and manage any number of employees – there is no limit, regardless of whether you use TIMIFY Classic or Premium.
What does TIMIFY cost?
TIMIFY Classic is free and will always be.
We offer TIMIFY Premium to small and medium-sized companies that want to profit from additional helpful features. All information about TIMIFY Premium can be obtained here: TIMFY Premium
I don´t have a company homepage. Can I still use TIMIFY?
Yes, of course! Your booking profile works like a "microsite". Customers get to your booking profile via your own profile address, find all the important company details there and can directly book their desired appointment online. Here is an example:
Is there a minimum contract for TIMIFY Premium?
Yes, there is a minimum contract of 12 months for TIMIFY Premium. Your contract can only be terminated at the end of the 12 months.
Which additional features do I get with TIMIFY Premium? 
TIMIFY Premium offers a multitude of additional features and apps, such as an email reminder for customers, a tablet and desktop app, and much more. Which benefits and features you receive thanks to our premium version, you can learn here: TIMIFY Premium
What´s the difference between TIMIFY Classic and Premium
The classic version is free and can be used to its full extent. In the classic version, you can manage an unlimited number of employees, rooms, devices or similar resources. Your customers can book online via the mobile app, your website and your Facebook page. You always have all customer data handy. Our chargeable premium version additionally offers further features, such as an email reminder for your customers, additional apps for tablet and desktop and much more. A detailed list of all the classic and premium version features can be found here: TIMIFY Premium
What is the booking profile?
The booking profile is a sort of microsite on which you can present yourself and your service. Via the booking profile, your customers get the first impression of your company and they can book their desired appointment online. Here, all your created services and available appointments are offered for online booking. As soon as you have set up and published your booking profile, the profile will be listed in the TIMIFY smartphone app. Additionally, the booking profile is accessible for your customers via an own profile address. You find the profile address in the section Online booking -> Booking profile.

Here is an example:

The booking profile is already included in our classic version and therefore is free.
What is TIMIFY?
TIMIFY is the first international mobile and online appointment booking system for service providers and their customers. TIMIFY closes the gap between offline services and the demand for online appointment management and therefore is the logical advancement of the service of the future. TIMIFY supplies each service provider with a free cloud-based appointment calendar, accessible from anywhere to manage one´s and one´s team´s appointments. As a premium user, you can additionally log in to your calendar via the mobile apps as well as work offline via the tablet and desktop app.
Which business sectors is TIMIFY suitable for?
TIMIFY is suitable for every service provider who wants to offer available appointments. Hairdressers, physiotherapists, medical practices, tennis court operators, massage parlours, spas, etc. all profit from the use of TIMIFY.
Why should I use TIMIFY?
TIMIFY enables customers to book appointments online with you, whenever it suits them, anytime. Automated appointment confirmations are then directly sent out via email, while your appointment calendar updates in real time. That saves you the time and trouble of constantly picking up the phone to make a new appointment. Therefore, you can focus on your real work.

In the TIMIFY customer Settings, you can save customer data and further details.

In addition, you can use TIMIFY to manage your whole team and its availability.

Questions about adjustments

How can I integrate TIMIFY into my current homepage?
For integration into your existing website, you can simply place a booking button there. How that works is explained in detail in your TIMIFY account. Go to “Online booking” in the menu bar. Then choose “Integration”. Here, you find the instructions to integrate the appointment booking button. At ( you can take a look at the booking button.
Can I set up different administrative rights for my employees?
You can enter different rights for employees. In order to do this, you can create them as administrators or employees. Administrators may access any employee calendar and manage the appointments there. Employees only have access to their own calendar.

Questions about calendar management and calendar settings

What types of views does the TIMIFY calendar provide?
The TIMIFY calendar provides you with a detailed daily view and a weekly view. In the daily view, you can have 20 resourcess on display side by side. In the weekly view up to 5 resourcess. This way, you gain a quick overview of your team´s workload.
Can my customers cancel appointments themselves at any time?
You decide at what time appointments have to be cancelled at the latest. For this, go to "Online booking" in the menu bar and then to "Settings". Here, you can set and control everything in detail at "Cancellations". In the email confirming the appointment, the customer is informed about the latest possible cancellation. Via the confirmation email or the smartphone app, the customer may then cancel within your predefined time frame.
Can my employees create and manage appointments?
Yes – you can assign their own TIMIFY account to your employees. There, your employees may create, edit or delete appointments – i.e. only their own. If you want to enable employees to edit appointments of the whole team, you can assign so-called "administrator rights" to them. You can do that directly in the respective employee profile in the section "Settings" → "Resources".
How do I know if a customer books or cancels an appointment?
If a customer book or changes an appointment, you receive an email notification, and in addition, you are notified about it in your TIMIFY account in the section "Notifications".
Is it possible for employees to view and edit their colleagues´ calendars?
Employees with administrator rights may access any calendar. An employee with mere "employee" rights may only access his own calendar. You define the rights in the section "Settings" → "Resources" in the respective employee profile.

Questions about employees

How can I enter / edit the times during which my employees are bookable online?
You can edit the bookable times of each employee by going to "Settings" in the menu bar and then "Resources". Then choose the desired employee and edit his "booking time". With the booking times you define in which time frame available appointments are shown.
How can I delete former employees from the system?
For this, go to ‘Settings’ in the menu bar and then click on ‘Resources’. Choose the desired employee and click on the trash can icon at the bottom right in order to delete the employee from the system.

Technical questions

Are there any extra charges for using the booking button?
No, the integration of the booking button does not cost extra. It is included in the classic as well as the premium version free of charge.
How can l integrate the TIMIFY "book appointment" button onto my Facebook page?
Select ‘Online booking’ from the menu bar and click on ‘Integration’. A detailed explanation of each step of the process appears.
Can I use TIMIFY without my own website as well?
Of course, the use of TIMIFY is also possible without your own website. For example, you can integrate your booking profile into your Facebook page as well. Additionally, your booking profile can also be accessed via an own profile URL and can, therefore, be used as a microsite. (Here is an example: Via the booking profile, your customers obtain all the important information about your company and they can directly book an appointment online. Of course, you are also listed and bookable in the TIMIFY smartphone app.
Will I get technical support with the initial TIMIFY setup?
For the initial setup, there are various support options. Videos and explanations show you what to do and guide you through the individual steps. Our setup guide shows you step by step how to set up your account optimally. Of course, our support team is always happy to answer your questions via email or live chat as well.

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