Virtual Queue Management

Manage your customer flow efficiently and provide a safer customer experience with the TIMIFY Q App

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Virtual Queue

Minimise close interactions

Control footfall in your store, reception area, or waiting room, ensuring that social distancing is observed at all times between customers and employees.

Improve customer experience

Offer walk-in clients a safe and convenient experience with a system that lets them wait off-site and return just before their appointment.

One centralised solution

All appointments – whether booked by customers online, by call centres, reception desks or by drop-in clients – are scheduled automatically from a single, shared calendar.


Key information

  • What is it?: TIMIFY Q App merges your online bookable services with technology at your premises to allow drop-in customers to easily join a queue.
  • What do you need?: At least one digital device with internet access to display the app interface, such as a tablet or TV screen.
  • How does it work?: Drop-in customers scan a QR code from a digital device in-store or print a physical ticket to join the queue. Customers can then leave the premises and wait somewhere else, monitoring their place in the queue from their smartphone.
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Flexible set-up to meet your business needs

  • Select which services are available to be booked by drop-in customers, and at which locations across your network.
  • Choose which days and times you want drop-in booking to be available for each service. Assign which resources (staff, rooms, devices) the system will auto-reserve for each service.
  • Allow drop-in clients to choose their priority status on arrival, enabling emergency or urgent appointments to bypass the queue.
  • For customers who don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use digital services, offer the Q App functions via touchscreen devices in your reception area.
  • Reduce strain on waiting areas and reception staff by reducing unnecessary customer flow.

Your customer journey

1. Virtual check-in

Drop-in customers arriving at your premises scan a code with their smartphone and follow the steps to choose a service and join the queue. Those without a smartphone can join the queue from a touchscreen device.

2. Display wait time

Once the customer chooses the service, their ticket number and estimated wait time is displayed. If the customer doesn't want to wait, they have the option to leave the queue.

3. Wait remotely

With customers able to monitor their queue position and wait time from their device, they are free to wait away from your premises.

4. Appointment is called

When ready, your staff member selects the next ticket number, sending a notification to the customer's smartphone to come to their appointment.

An omnichannel booking experience gives you the control you need over queues and waiting time

Our comprehensive appointment booking solution allows customers to access your services using any mixture of online and offline channels at their convenience.

Your business benefits from an end-to-end digital solution that offers effortless control of appointment and visitor schedules, no matter the complexity of your customer base, services or locations.

Contact our team today. They will happily demonstrate how TIMIFY helps deliver your services to their maximum potential, in a safe and professional customer experience.
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Additional advanced functionality

We offer specialised functionality like dedicated AWS API instance, on-premises database and more

Expert support

From concept to launch and beyond, you’ll have an expert TIMIFY consultant by your side every step of the way.

First class data protection

All personal data is protected to the highest standards, compliant with all GDPR regulations.

Seamless IT integration

Easily integrate TIMIFY with other third-party software, or access our REST API to integrate TIMIFY to your existing IT infrastructure.
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