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Productivity boost

Productivity boost

Managing your business is even easier with our desktop, tablet and mobile apps. Plus, our desktop and tablet apps work offline!
VIP treatment

VIP treatment

Customers will love the extra special service you can offer them - including special offers, discounts and personalised reminders.
Icon for reduce no-shows

Minimal no-shows

Automated email appointment reminders reduce no shows, and prompt advance cancellations - allowing your appointment slots to get rebooked. 
Better business planning

Plan for success

Gain meaningful insight into how your business is performing with the statistic dashboard. See what's working and what can be improved.
Online booking for classes and group events

Group Bookings Tool

Offer individual and/or group bookings. Let participants self-schedule to reserve their spot at an event, class or workshop.

Discover TIMIFY Premium

Desktop, tablet & mobile apps: the whole team can access your calendar, on and offline!

You're spoilt for choice on how to use your calendar. In addition to our web app, enjoy access via our desktop, tablet and mobile apps. Available for your entire team 24/7, and of course, all your data is saved securely in the cloud.
Calendar app for android and ioscross platform appointment management systemFull screen retina display mac os scheduling appScheduler for Windows and Mac
Online course booking via your websiteSettings for online booking

Group Bookings: offer multi-sign up for your events

Want to offer online signup to your classes, workshops, conferences and any other services you offer for more than 1 attendee? This feature is for you! Online and offline booking options available, plus you can specify the maximum number of participants for each booking.

Shift Planner: keep track of your team the easy way!

The essential tool for today's modern business owner: set up flexible rotas for part-time staff or team members who don't work the standard 9-5, plus manage vacation days and sick days with a few clicks!
working hours usaadd holidays usabooking hours usa
Customer specific data fieldsExtend your CRM database

Custom Fields: get the info you want from your customers to design your own database!

Add the data fields you want, to get the information you need from your customers. Select which fields should be mandatory to complete during online booking, and which are optional. So now you can design your own mini database, plus be fully prepared for your appointments!

Email Reminders: dramatically reduce no-shows!

Minimise no-shows by ensuring your customers get a friendly reminder of their next appointment. You can send out reminder emails anywhere from 1-72 hrs in advance.
Email Reminders reduce no-shows
Color identifiers for appointments

Color Identifier tool: make your appointments immediately identifiable!

Assign colours to your services so you can know at a glance what services you have for that day, week or month. You decide which services get which colors, with 9 to chose from!

Statistics Dashboard: see which services are most popular, what your revenues are, and lots more!

Make smarter decisions for your business, based on up-to-date and accurate data. This is a great tool that can really optimise your business - time management, profits and workflow. The dashboard displays your team´s booking activity, your most popular services and more.
Your scheduling statistics on your tablet deviceScheduling statistics
Repeat reoccurring appointments and courses

Recurring Bookings: edit single and group bookings to take place more than once

With our Recurring Bookings tool, you can offer any existing appointment or group booking again. Just set up the number of times the booking should reoccur, and at what intervals (e.g. once a week, for 10 weeks).

Marketing tool: treat your customers to special offers!

Reward your customers with special deals: drop the price of one of your services to promote it and encourage more bookings. You decide how long the special offer should last, and it will always appear at the top of your services list when a customer goes to sign up for a service online.
Marketing toolPromotions and discounts
Export bookings to your personal calendar

ICS file: export bookings from your TIMIFY calendar to your personal calendar

If you like using an existing calendar, for example Outlook, this is a really handy feature: with just a click, you can export any appointment or booking from your TIMIFY calendar to your other calendar.

Customer Overview: all your customers appointments immediately viewable

Search customer's to view a list of their previous and upcoming appointments.
Customer booking overviewBooking history of your customers
Description for services

Services Description: more info for your customers means it's more likely they'll sign up!

What is it that makes your services so good, so unique? What do customers need to know about what your service entails? With this simple but effective too, you can describe each of your services in more depth, pre-empting their questions and increasing the chances of new customers signing up online!

Premium Booking Widget

Make the online booking process even more enjoyable for your customers: allow them to select their preferred language and to view appointment availability in both weekly and daily views. Plus, reviewing your services is made easier, as you can list all the services you offer under categories of your choosing. 
Preferred language for widgetWeekly appointment availabilityServices under categories
See exactly what TIMIFY Classic & TIMIFY Premium offer.

How has TIMIFY changed how you work?

TIMIFY has replaced our paper appointment book. We are now much more organised! We love having daily and weekly overviews, so we can quickly see what our schedule look like.

Marcel Otto


What's your experience so far with TIMIFY?

With it's clean and easy to use interface, TIMIFY makes it possible for my clients to find and book an appointment with me. So far I have had a positive experience with the tool and the TIMIFY team. 

Bruno Costa


What's important for your business?

As young entrepreneurs, we need software that’s reliable, easy to use and allows us to work professionally. All our needs are met with TIMIFY’s appointment booking software. Thanks to the support and advice the TIMIFY team gives us, we feel very well cared for.

Nelli & Andy

One of a kind hairstyling
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