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Tablet App for Appointment Management

Take your business wherever you go: manage your team's schedule and customer bookings with our beautifully designed, user friendly tablet app. 

Appointment calendar

The tablet app makes working from your device a dream: all your appointment and business data is beautifully presented, and our advanced functionality means you can make changes and additions even quicker than from the web app.

Customer management

Immediate, easy access to your data and tools at your fingertips. It couldn't be easier to manage your customer data and communicate with your customers.

Resources and service management

Manage your employees and resources wherever you are; define your team's working and bookable hours, and publish their availability for getting bookings online.

Why use our tablet app?

For iOS and Android

For Android & iOS

Our tablet app for appointment management is available for all Android and iOS devices. 
Easy to install

Easy to install

Simply download from Google's PlayStore or the App Store, then login with your TIMIFY account. All your data is ready and waiting for you! 
Full screen mode

Full screen mode

Your tablet home screen is your team's calendar: no unnecessary or distracting UI elements. We keep all our software design beautiful, simple and functional.
For smallest screens

For smallest screens

We've optimised our tablet app even for 7 inch Android tablets! Enjoy appointment management from everywhere, on the smallest of tablet devices.
Continious updates

Continious updates

We're constantly working on improving our tablet apps and optimising our user experience.

Manage classes and other group events

Offer an unlimited number of multi-signup events such as workshops, boot-camps or conferences with our Group Bookings Tool.
Statistics on your tablet device

Statistical Analysis

Knowldege is power: make smarter decisions based on reliable and factual data that optimises your business operations.

Discover what the most popular services are, and which are your most requested days for appointment types are. Understand what your customers most want, and save time, money and resources on cutting back on offerings that don't grow your business.

Is your revenue for your services not as much as you'd like? Then why not launch discounted services or time limited offers to increase bookings on the services you offer with a higher revenue margin - with the help of our Marketing Tools.

Why trust your online scheduling services to TIMIFY?

Worldwide confidence

Worldwide trust

More than 45,000 organisations in over 28 countries worldwide use our software for their appointment scheduling needs.
More happy customers

Happy customers

Your customers will thank you: our software offers reliable online booking every time, with automated booking confirmations and reminders as standard.
First class customer support

Outstanding support

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. Our friendly CRM team is here for you 24/5, and we pride ourselves on our speedy response rate!
Customer focused development

You're in charge

Our product development is 100% customer focused. That means we develop our features in response to your wishes - so let us know what you want to see!
German quality standards

Made in Germany

We adhere to Germany's stringent privacy laws, so you can trust that we take data security just as seriously as you and your customers do.
Join 1000 businesses in 1 countries worldwide!