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We get lots of requests from TIMIFY customers - you guys definitely keep our developers on their toes in terms of software enhancements and development ideas! It's something we're grateful for, as it means we never stop bettering our software. Whether it's wanting to know the release date of our latest app, functionality tweaks to our TIMIFY Calendar, or improvements to our Booking Widget UI, you'll find all our developments listed below. We post regularly, as there's lots going on at the TIMIFY offices! So make sure to check back often. And if you have requests or suggestions, feel free to start a chat with one of our friendly CRM team from the TIMIFY homepage.
TIMIFY Calendar enhancements 
  • Load up to 2 months worth of notifications on scroll down. This is a significant increase from the previous 48 hr notifications window.
  • View who added any given booking, and the date and time upon which it was added, when you hover your mouse over a booking.
  • Decide whether you want customers to receive email notifications whenever you make changes to their bookings. The "notify customer” checkbox is now left unchecked - by default - in the booking window when you activate the setting. This means if you make minor admin changes such as changing the booking type colour, you can skip emailing customers an update. (Email notifications will still be sent automatically when you cancel a booking).
  • Recognise easily what bookings are in the past and future by fading the colour intensity of all past bookings.
Booking overview enhancements
  • Add/edit customer info in the same way you can add and edit bookings from your Calendar view - by clicking on the customer’s booking.
  • Edit your current Custom Fields by clicking on any booking displayed in your Calendar view.
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