Online appointment booking and class reservation

Online Appointment Booking

Stay one step ahead of the competition and make your customers happier:
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Why is appointment self scheduling vital for businesses today?

For more than a decade, we have embraced scheduling everything from flights to train journeys to dinner reservations and cinema tickets online.

The new demand for self scheduling appointments with service providers and SMBs is massive. In 2016 the share of individuals using the internet to make appointments with a practitioner increased to 49%.
Share of individuals using the internet to make an appointment with a practitioner via a website in selected European countries in 2016. Source: Eurostat
According to a survey made among 355 small business owners and managers in the United States in 2017, online appointment booking is ranked to be one of the top valuable business features, together with customer loyalty, mobile payment and social features and location based services.
Online advertising
Email marketing
Customer loyalty program
Booking / scheduling platforms
Local Newspaper
Daily Deals
Yellow Pages
Text messaging
Most valuable features for small businesses. Source:

TIMIFY Classic

Take a look at our free scheduling features

Want to charge for some of your services in advance?

Use our Online Payment solution to request credit and debit card payments on whichever services you wish. Rest assured, we use the highest level of security available in the card payment industry. 

This feature is available for all our TIMIFY Classic and TIMIFY Premium users.
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Total control of your online bookings

Disable online booking

Disable booking

If for any reason you don't want to take bookings online for a period of time, you can disable the booking feature for your whole team with just one click.
Avoid double bookings or bookings at the same time

No double bookings

No more double bookings. Our app ensures that any new appointments self-scheduled from your customers can be added only when you and your team have availability.
Manage your services

Manage your services

Use our service management tool to define which of your services can be booked online, and which can only be booked by you and your staff.
Set up the whole booking process

Booking settings

Define the lead time for your services, add a buffer to give you set-up time and/or down time either side of the appointments, and set a cancellation period that suits your business needs.
Define online booking times for your resources

Booking times

Define working and online booking times for each of your employees. You can temporarily disable online booking for a certain employee at any time.

TIMIFY Premium

Take a look at our paid scheduling features

Appointment reminders

Minimise no shows by ensuring your customers remember when their next appointment is. You can send out appointment reminder emails anywhere from 1-72 hrs in advance, and in each email, there is a link customers can go on to cancel their appointment.
Appointment reminders
Extend booking data fields

Custom booking forms

Do you need to get specific data from each new customer in advance of their appointment? No problem. With the TIMIFY Custom Fields tool, you get to design your customer database and booking form, select which fields should be part of your online booking process, and decide which fields are to be mandatory. That way, you can collect the essential information you need from your customers, so you can prepare for their appointment accordingly.

Add additional description to your services

Make life easy for your customers: give as much detailed service information as you can, so they know exactly what to expect. They're also less likely to call or email asking for more details.

Explain your procedures, approach, and any other useful information so they'll know what to expect when they visit - they'll definitely appreciate it! 
Group bookings and classes

Offer classes, group events and workshops for online booking

Whether you call them classes, workshops, sessions, bootcamps, or events, we’ve got you covered. Use our group events tool to organise your offerings and then add them to your calendar. Now your customers can enroll themselves to the selected dates. You will get email notification every time someone enrolls to a class set in your calendar. 

Manage your bookings & customers across all your devices

Add, move and delete individual and/or group bookings quickly and easily via our desktop, tablet and mobile apps. Our desktop and tablet apps support offline mode, so you always have access to your schedule and customers.
Cross platform appointment booking

Why trust your online scheduling services to TIMIFY?

Worldwide confidence

Worldwide trust

More than 45,000 organisations in 28 countries worldwide use our software for their appointment scheduling needs.
More happy customers

Happy customers

We make it possible: your customers will thank you for making their lives easier. Our software offers reliable online booking every time.
First class customer support

Outstanding support

We believe that nothing is more important to any business than it's customers. We're here for you 24/5 - for technical, product or any other questions.
Customer focused development

You're the boss

Our product development is 100% customer focused; our features and functionality grow in response to your wishes and ideas. So let us know what you want to see!
German quality standards

German Quality

As a proud German company, we strictly adhere to the stringent privacy laws, so you can trust we take data security as seriously as you and your customers do.
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