Resources & Services Management

Resources & Services Management

Manage your resources effortlessly, make your services instantly bookable online, and enjoy how easy life is when your business, team and customers are all on the same page. 

TIMIFY Classic

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Optimise your workflow


Pre-defining your service durations and blocking out time periods where you have other commitments allows you to know at a glance the openings you have free in your calendar, and what appointments or other tasks can be slotted in for you and your team.
Save time and stress

Save time and stress

Cut back on lengthy phone conversations: all the infomtation you need to give your customers - your resources, services and their availability - are just a click away.
Know your availability

Know your availability

You and your customers always have up-to-the-second real time availability on your appointments, thanks to our online booking widget. Displaying this info online means even cancelled bookings have the best chance of being re-booked by customers who prefer booking on the fly.


Your customers appreciate knowing the service length, what the service entails, and the prices before they commit to making an appointment. Keeping your service info up to date has never been simpler.
No mix-ups

No mix-ups

Avoid scheduling appointments to the wrong employee! Unlike the errors that happen every so often with hand written calendars, you can rest assured that every service booked goes to the calendar of the ressource assigned to it. 

TIMIFY Premium

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Add additional info to each service

Share more with your customers

Make life easy for your customers, by giving them as much detailed service information as you can. That way, your customers know exactly what to expect from each service. They're also less likely to call or email asking for more details.

Explain your procedures, approach, and any other useful information so they'll know what to expect when they visit - they'll definitely appreciate it! 

Why trust your online scheduling services to TIMIFY?

Worldwide confidence

Worldwide trust

More than 15,000 organisations in over 28 countries worldwide trust us to manage their appointment scheduling needs.
More happy customers

Happy customers

We make it possible: your customers will thank you for making their lives easier. Our software offers reliable online booking every time.
First class customer support

Outstanding support

We believe that nothing is more important to any business than it's customers. We're here for you 24/5 - for technical, product or any other questions.
Customer focused development

You're the boss

Our product development is 100% customer focused; our features and functionality grow in response to your wishes and ideas. So let us know what you want to see!
German quality standards

German Quality

As a proud German company, we strictly adhere to the stringent privacy laws, so you can trust we take data security as seriously as you and your customers do.
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