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Manage customer bookings, team holidays, sick days, travel days and more with our Online Calendar.

TIMIFY Classic

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An online booking system that meets your needs

The Online Calendar is available in your browser as a web app, and is accessible to you and all your team via their unique logins. Any changes, new bookings or cancellations are synced and updated in real time.
Calendar settings - set business hours and daysCalendar settings - gridCalendar - hover for booking detailsWeekly view with multiple employees
Employee calendar invitationAdd unlimited resources and employeesWorking times shown in calendar

Manage your employees and set access rights

It's the perfect team scheduling calendar! Our calendar allows your staff to work together, minimizing booking errors and ensuring your customers a smooth and reliable service. 

How does our Online Calendar make life easier for you and your team?

Customisable calendar


The Online Calendar is quick and easy to set up, and adapts to your needs. If you need help, our support team are just a phone call away.
Secure data handling


You customer data and all other calendar data is saved securely in the cloud. We adhere to the latest and most stringent data security standards.
Personalised calendar accounts

Staff access

Secure logins for you and your staff. Plus define who has administrative permissions.
Real time data synchronisation

Real time sync

Real time sync across all open calendars your team are using eliminates double bookings and means everyone stays right up to date.

TIMIFY Premium

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Calendar Apps - TIMIFY

Business management across all your devices with our desktop, tablet and mobile apps - with unlimited team logins!

No matter how big your team, enjoy unlimited individual logins to your calendar. Plus, our desktop and tablet apps work in offline mode, so your team have access to your calendar data no matter what. Rest assured, your calendar and data are protected when you're offline, so no changes can be made till you go back online.
Desktop AppTablet AppMobile App
Cross-platform scheduling system
Flexible booking hoursManage sick daysAutomatic booking blocking

Flexible scheduling & shift planning

Manage holidays, sick days, and travel days for your team. Day blocks, flexible working hours and online booking hours - that vary from any given team members' working hours - it's all possible!

Manage classes, workshops and events.

Allow participants to schedule their spot at an event, class or conference. View the attendance details straight from your calendar by hovering your mouse over the booking. It's quick and easy to change the event details, and rest assured your participant list can recieve automated email notifications if you make changes.
Manage classes and group bookings
color label for appointments

Color Identifier tool: make your appointments immediately identifiable!

Assign colours to your services so you can know at a glance what services you have for that day, week or month. You decide which services get which colors, with 9 to chose from!

Recurring Bookings

With our Recurring Bookings tool, you can offer any existing appointment or group booking again. Just set up the number of times the booking should reoccur, and at what intervals (e.g. once a week, for 10 weeks).
recurring bookings
duplicate appointments

Duplicate appointments in your calendar

Do you have multiple service sessions with the same customer? If so, there's no need to add the same information for each booking from scratch. Just copy any of the customer's existing bookings and run it again for all your desired future dates.

Why trust your online scheduling services to TIMIFY?

Worldwide confidence

Worldwide trust

More than 45,000 organisations in 28 countries worldwide use our software for their appointment scheduling needs.
More happy customers

Happy customers

We make it possible: your customers will thank you for making their lives easier. Our software offers reliable online booking every time.
First class customer support

Outstanding support

We believe that nothing is more important to any business than it's customers. We're here for you 24/5 - for technical, product or any other questions.
Customer focused development

You're the boss

Our product development is 100% customer focused; our features and functionality grow in response to your wishes and ideas. So let us know what you want to see!
German quality standards

German Quality

As a proud German company, we strictly adhere to the stringent privacy laws, so you can trust we take data security as seriously as you and your customers do.
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