Branch manager

TIMIFY Branch Manager

Stay on top of your multi-location business using our branch management tool. View, manage and analyse your branch information and performance from one easy to use dashboard.

Get a comprehensive overview of metrics across your entire network

Make smart business decisions based on real-time performance data for each of your business locations, beautifully presented on our Statistics Dashboard.

View your best performing branches, most booked services, in-demand resources, enterprise-wide revenue statistics and more. Choose from a daily overview or select a specific timeframe to analyse.
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View deep insights for each branch

Get a perfect overview of your multi-site business with all branch details, including addresses, contact details, tags, and performance statistics in one place.

Log in to single branches to manage them individually or oversee all locations using the simple-to-use dashboard.
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Manage services data globally or by branch

Manage all available services for every branch, ensuring a consistent delivery regardless of which location your customers visit.

Define, and simply update, service names, durations, service categories, pricing and the assigned resources, all from the TIMIFY Branch Manager.
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Configure your account settings on a global or local level

Manage everything in one place with global account settings. Categorise each of your settings, determining whether they should be set globally or for each individual branch, giving you greater control.
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Consistent customer data across your branches

Ensure that any amends made to customer data are replicated across the network (or a specific set of branches), keeping your customer database consistent and available across every branch.
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Tag and organise your locations

Define and assign specific tags to your services and branches to group together departments, multiple locations, or top-selling services. This allows you to track and analyse individual events, whether by branch or grouped together by their allocated tag.
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Integrate the apps from our TIMIFY Marketplace

Save time and streamline your business admin by integrating the apps from our TIMIFY Marketplace. Our global app management feature lets you roll out apps to your entire branch network.
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Individual permission levels

Easily set parameters for who can access and use TIMIFY Branch Manager by defining differing administration levels. This sets how many of the features and data sets each user can access.
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